11 Funny Ways Living in New York City Changes Your Style

Living in New York City may often be hailed as the BEST THING EVER, but it’s no easy feat, either. And, as a New Yorker myself, I can attest to the fact that one of our favorite pastimes is letting everyone else on the planet know just how difficult it is to live here! Consider it our favorite sport, and one that we excel at more than anything involving cardio.

Because this island is such an—ahem—special place, it also has a distinct effect on its inhabitants’ style. The super-busy, fast-paced lifestyle does not lend itself well to the majority of fashion trends, which leaves us New Yorkers with limited options and a few special wardrobe tricks to help us just barely survive (we try not to expect much more than that).

In case you have plans to visit Manhattan soon and want to fit in like a local, or you are a local simply looking to commiserate, we’ve compiled a list of the funniest ways that living in New York City transforms your style. The bright side? Cute shopping options abound, even within the limitations of our concrete jungle. 

Scroll down to discover (and shop) the 11 funniest ways that living in NYC changes your style.