What Real Dancers Think About the "Ballerina Trend"


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The expansion of the "ballerina trend" in the fashion industry, simply put, just makes sense. For years, women around the world have idolized the poise and grace of ballet dancers, and now, they are even trying to dress like them. Maybe it's because somewhere deep down, that little girl inside of us all still dreams of wearing tutus and dancing around on our toes, or maybe this is as close to playing dress-up as we'll ever get in this adult life. Whatever the reason, women are gravitating toward all things ballerina-inspired, from lace-up flats to tulle skirts, and there seems to be no stopping them.

While we all love the opportunity to dress like ballerinas sans having any dance experience at all (please, have more of your cake and eat it too), have you ever stopped to wonder what actual dancers think of this trend? What goes on inside the mind of a professional ballerina as she sees a pair of the infamous Miu Miu ballet flats on someone walking down the street? Or that girl who shows up in a floor-length tulle skirt to a black-tie event with her hair in a slick bun? Does said dancer smile? Does she cringe? Does she laugh? What is she thinking?

There was only one way to find out, and that was to go straight to the source. We reached out to a handful of professional dancers from the New York City Ballet and asked them a series of questions to find out what they really think of this "ballerina trend." As a warning, their answers might surprise you, will definitely warm your heart, and could make you fall even more in love with ballet than ever before.

Scroll down to find out what New York City Ballet dancers think of the "ballet trend" in addition to learning more about each of their personal style preferences.

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