New Year's Eve Dresses to Buy, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

New Year's Eve Dresses Based On Your Zodiac Sign



The struggle to find the perfect New Year's Eve dress is very real. You want something that's statement-making, with all the glitz and glam of an ideal NYE dress, but also something that's true to your personality. Why spend big bucks on something that's just not you? If you've found yourself at a dead end in terms of your search for the perfect piece to wear when ringing in 2019, we're here to get the ball rolling again. How? We've found all the best New Year's Eve dresses based on your zodiac sign. There's no better way to find a spot-on evening look than by looking toward the stars. Read on to see which dress best suits your sign.


You love to show off your bold personality with your fashion choices, and you never shy away from something out of the ordinary. Pick a trendy, vibrant, unique dress that complements your originality.


You love wearing pieces that are unique and eye-catching but never over the top. And while you like soft pastels, you also gravitate toward elegant jewel tones.


Though you're certainly not afraid to wear something attention-grabbing, this year, stick with sleek, streamlined basics that show off your classic style.


You take a more practical approach when it comes to shopping, which means you gravitate toward pieces that stand the test of time. You prefer staples that are comfortable and fashion-forward but still timeless. 

Easily dress this one up or down depending on your mood.


You, dear Gemini, love to be on-trend but aren't confined to a single style. Because of your sign's dual nature, you're all for trying new things and experimenting with pieces. This New Year's Eve, turn heads in a sequin number that reflects your free-spirited nature.


You're all for simple classics that are refined, elegant, and sleek. This New Year's Eve, reach for an LBD that's as sophisticated as you are.


Leos are not afraid to try anything—they're incredibly fearless. So ring in the New Year in a dress that's as vibrant and infectious as your personality.


Dear Virgo, you have a deep love for all things classic and always prefer a polished dressing approach that's never overdone.

A simple dress that's polished but trendy.


Much like your fellow Virgos, you, dear Libra, love classics—but with a twist. You also can't resist lush fabrics, like silk, so this New Year's Eve, don a silky number with fun detailing.


You like your tried-and-true staples, and when you find a piece you love, you're not opposed to buying it in every color. Stay true to your polished, classic nature, but don't be afraid to throw in a style curveball, either. 


You love a feminine piece that's also an instant classic, and your style is polished yet unfussy. Pick a dress in a clean, streamlined silhouette, adding in a statement accessory for an unexpected touch.


Two words best describe your style, dear Capricorn: Simple and sophisticated. Plus, you love being cozy and comfortable, so easy, unfussy dresses with a twist are the right pick for you.

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