I Absolutely Don’t Need Any More Sneakers, But I Can’t Say No To These



From coast to coast mother nature has reared its ugly head. Massive snowstorms and heavy rainfall included, the beginning of the month proved to be prime time for owning a pair of boots. Now that the torrential rain has eased up some in Los Angeles, and New York is back to regularly scheduled programming type of winter weather, I'm declaring it a moment for sneakers. 

Thankfully, the options to choose from are seemingly endless. From buzzy brand-name collaborations to a Drake-endorsed designer, the sneaker market is alive and robust. Good for sneakerheads, but bad for my wallet. While several trends are circulating at the moment, the general consensus is that we're in an anti-white sneaker phase. The colorways are more daring, vibrant, and more over the top than ever before. Super sporty sneakers are also a big theme here, which feels like a perfect pairing with the parachute pant trend also currently blowing up.

It's not that I need sneakers, but they're just too cute to pass up. To see exactly what I mean, keep clicking below. 

It's about time to wear your greens.

Only Salomon can make a solid black sneaker look this good.



The sneaker, the myth, the legend.

For the first time in like forever, I've been able to find a pair of Nike Dunks that are still in stock.

I love these for the moody weather.

The unofficial sneaker of It-girls, around the world.

My friend put me onto Axel Arigato and the sneakers are super comfy.



A pair that's been on my personal Ssense wishlist.

If you're into less branded options, here's a pair I'm sure you'll love.

I wouldn't expect anything less chic from a Comme Des Garcons collab.

Real sneakerheads know what's up. This shade of lilac is glorious.



Asics have been on my "to buy" list for far too long, it's about time I finally click "add to cart".

These are just the pair to style with baggy parachute pants.

The monochromatic peanut butter shade is everything.



White sneakers doesn't always have to mean basic.

If you recognize this pair just from the picture, just know every fashion person seems to own these.