The New Lingerie Basics Everyone Should Own

Did you know there are five expert-approved ways to tell if your bra is “dead”? Based on this information, I can go ahead and say the majority of my everyday bras died well over a year ago. If you’re anything like me, then replacing your go-to undergarments is something that slips to the bottom of the shopping list (yet adding trendy pieces, like “scrunchie” and “cage” underwear, seems to be more a priority). It’s backward, I know, which is why today I’m putting an end to this habit and giving the items I wear on repeat a solid refresh. It’s likely that a nude T-shirt bra, Hanky Panky thongs, and neutral strapless options are already chilling in your lingerie drawer, so today I’m highlighting the new set of undergarment basics to stock up on.

I’m not suggesting one needs to update these items every season like we do with clothing trends, but rather spruce up your basics selection with fresh staples like the updated version of a strapless bra and the seamless underwear you’ll soon swear by if you already don’t. Keep reading to see the list and shop the new class of essentials for your lingerie collection.

Updated Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are no longer limited to “boring” styles. You can now find updated designs that are equally functional and fashionable. Since you most likely already own a standard strapless bra style, I suggest adding a sweetheart style to your collection. The shape lends a fresh look, and several brands like Fleur du Mal and Lively offer the non-basic silhouette. Shop my favorite sweetheart bandeau bras below.

I recently tried this style and can vouch for the fact that it's super comfortable. 

Detailed with seamless cups that are sure to be more comfortable than an underwire. 

This is also a bandeau style made from stretchy material. 

The scalloped lace adds a fresh look here. 

Seamless Thong

If you don’t already own a seamless thong, your world is about to be rocked. I swear by this style from Commando. Not only it the piece incredibly comfortable (literally feels like you’re wearing nothing), but it also ensures you won’t have lines when you’re wearing something that hugs your figure closely. You’ll never be in a situation where the outline of your thong is exposed again, promise. Shop my go-to seamless thongs below.

The best seamless thong, IMHO.

I'm intrigued by this updated version with a slimmer waistband and am going to try it for sure.

Who knew the color "unicorn purple" even existed?

Made for the perfectly smooth fit.

This seamless option comes in four different colors. 

Reliable Adhesive Bra

An adhesive bra will be your best friend if you wear a lot of tricky tops or backless pieces. Even if you only wear it a couple times a year, it's not a bad idea to always have one in the back of your lingerie drawer. Below, I've gathered the most reliable adhesive bra options according to the customer reviews and ratings.

"This bra is fantastic! You can really make it work for you as you wish. It sticks on, and you can feel confident in it all night. You can push up higher, or be more natural, and separate as it looks good for you," Simone posted on Nordstrom.

"These are amazing! I ordered up like the other reviews said, and the fit is perfect! I was worried because when I opened the package, they looked HUGE, but now I realize they are just full coverage, which is amazing! These are not going to fall off easily," another Nordstrom shopper wrote. 

If you're looking to just cover the nipples, this is a great option.

This $10 find is the highest-rated adhesive bra on Amazon right now.

Shop More Lingerie Basics Below

If logo underwear is your thing, add this new color to your collection. 

This plunging bra will become your new go-to under T-shirts.

Full-coverage, seamless underwear is also a must. 

If you're looking for a new pair of breezy briefs. 

Hanky Panky thongs also make for cute stocking stuffers. 

Up next, check out the complicated underwear trends that are now a thing. 

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