3 Complicated Underwear Trends That Are Now a Thing

Today is Monday, September 16, and this marks the day I published my 15th (okay, that’s a ballpark number) lingerie-related story in the past 40 days. This new passion of mine was discovered by accident after writing a piece on how a lingerie trend weirdly made me feel happier. I had a good time researching and preparing the story, and it turns out you, our lovely readers, are also intrigued by all things lingerie. Since then, I’ve sort of become our unofficial in-house lingerie trend reporter, and to my surprise, undergarment trends bubble up more often than one would think.

Last month I shared the cage underwear trend (yes, it made me laugh too, but you’re lying if you say you’re not intrigued!), a style several brands are designing. For one, Rihanna supported the look in her latest Savage x Fenty collection last week in New York. Another new lingerie trend I recently discovered is sweetheart strapless bras, an updated take on your simple bandeau. I’ve also seen a fair share of “complicated” trends pop up in the lingerie world, which brings me to today’s piece highlighting all the super-extra underwear styles that have become a thing this year. Keep reading to learn about and shop the complicated yet cute lingerie trends of late.

Cage Underwear

Mesh and a high rise—we're so here for it. 

Thank you, Victoria's Secret, for coining the "cage" term.

For Love & Lemons always designs the prettiest lingerie. 

The backside… Just jaw-dropping. 

Updated String Underwear

You can never have too many black thongs. 

You can't go wrong with floral print. 

If you're looking for an affordable option.

Keyhole Underwear

Le Petit Trou is one of the best new lingerie brands of the year. 

Check out the back for the keyhole detail. 

Hanky Panky is not messing around with this keyhole. 

Another Le Petit Trou option, just because they are my fave. 

Up next, shop the lingerie trends you can buy on Amazon for under $20.