New Year, New Bag—5 Trends to Try First Next Year

The new year is quickly approaching, and if you're looking for a smart new purchase, any one of the below five handbag trends will do just the trick. They haven't taken over yet, but trust me. Come 2023, the handful of trends below will be everywhere. This season, we're seeing a nice mix of classic, everyday carryalls, and more sparkly party pieces, so you can rest assured there is a bag style that's right for you.

If you're the kind of person who prefers to invest in one handbag and wear it to death, these bag trends are worth the splurge, as they meet that perfect basic yet trendy requirement. If not, don't worry, because I shopped out affordable versions of each as well so that you can participate in these trends no matter what your budget is. And with that, I'll let you enjoy shopping for the best handbag trends of 2023. 

Fashion-Girl Work Bags

A sleek and semi-roomy work bag is all fashion people can think about right now, whether they are going to the office or not. 

Oversize Totes



In terms of this trend, size does matter. The bigger the better when it comes to these slouchy totes. 

Anything Silver



Party season just might be coming to an end, but silver bags will last forever.

Edgy Elements

Surprisingly edgy detailing and hardware on handbags are what is currently getting me excited for the new year. Thanks to Diesel and Miu Miu, specifically, I feel like this will be the bag trend I'll be leaning into most.

Vintage Victors



You can never go wrong with a vintage classic, especially because they will never go out of style.