5 Things You Need to Know About This Season's Jeans

Denim is one thing we’ll never feel guilty about indulging in, thanks to the cunning mental arithmetic we refer to as “cost per wear.” When it comes to a new pair of jeans or a denim jacket, feel free to justify your purchase with this clever sum: Simply divide even the most gulp-worthy price tag by approximately, oh, infinity (a conservative estimate of the number of times you’ll wear said piece); then marvel at both the miraculously tiny CPW and your general financial savviness.

Now for the fun part! In honor of all the great new-season denim—and our shrewd sense of fiscal responsibility—we’ve rounded up our five favorite denim moments you can shop right now, and they’re all available at Saks Fifth AvenueRead on to discover our five must-have denim pieces and exactly what to wear them with right now.

PS: Saks Fifth Avenue will perfectly hem any denim you buy in-store so you can show off your new ankle boots just the way the fashion gods intended. Find more on-trend denim to daydream about here.