I've Been a Beauty Editor for 5 Years—These Natural Makeup Brands Are It


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As someone who began their career in the fashion world, I’ll admit I wasn’t super familiar with the concept of clean makeup once I jumped over to the beauty side of things. However, it only took me a few weeks to learn that there was a slew of not-so-healthy (even toxic!) ingredients hiding in many of my holy grail products. That’s when I began to familiarize myself with the many natural makeup brands out there and started transitioning my makeup routine into a much healthier one.

The thing is, clean cosmetics—and clean beauty as a whole—have come a long way over the past few years. Not only are today’s top brands less "earthy-crunchy” than those of the past, but their products also work way better (in my opinion) in texture, coverage, and finish.

Over the last five years spent covering the ins and outs of beauty, I’ve become pretty obsessed with a number of clean brands, which I’m here to share with you. Ahead, meet 15 of my natural makeup favorites (and some of their best products) that’ll give your makeup drawer a serious detox. Not only do they look and feel great, but you can feel good about wearing them too.

1. Ilia

2. Saie

3. Tower 28

4. Merit

5. Rituel de Fille

6. Victoria Beckham Beauty

7. Kosas

8. Kjaer Weis

9. Bite Beauty

10. Axiology

11. RMS Beauty

12. Milk Makeup

13. Freck Beauty

14. J.Hannah

15. Zoya

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