FYI: These Nail Colors Are Trending Right Now

I don't know about you, but there's something about the holiday season that makes me want to paint my nails a festive and somewhat extra color. First of all, you should know that I don't normally paint my nails. But as I said, this holiday season, I'm feeling a bit more adventurous in the nail department. I'm on a mission this year to have the most festive holiday nails possible.

To gather some inspo for my future at-home manicures, I took a look at the holiday-inspired nail colors that I've been seeing everywhere lately. Here's what I've found.


Okay, yes, red is pretty much a given during the holiday season. But that's not to say it isn't a flattering color on pretty much every skin tone. Not to mention it's a total classic. This is the perfect nail color for the holiday traditionalist, but it doesn't have to be boring, as there are so many different shades to choose from, like a bright candy-cane red or a deeper berry shade.


And where red is mentioned, there has to be green. While it's another classic Christmas color, green is a unique shade for nails. If you want to go a step above traditional, I'd recommend going with this hue. While you can do a Grinch-y green, there's something so sophisticated and cozy about dark, forest-green nails. 

Silver Nails



Silver bells, silver nails… Well, you can't go wrong with metallics during the holidays. They'll take you straight to New Year's Eve. There's something so sleek and a little icy (in a good way) about silver nail polish.


Gold Nails



Personally, I'm a gold kind of girl. All my jewelry is gold, and pretty much all the home décor accents in my apartment are, too. I love a metallic-gold polish this time of year because it feels celebratory—like a glass of champagne.


Navy Nails



This one caught you by surprise, right? But if we're talking about general winter themes, navy is perfect for the season. Not as dramatic as a stark-black polish, a dark, deep blue still gives statement-making and sophisticated vibes.

Purple is also unexpected and not really a traditional holiday color, but when you get a deep hue, doesn't it remind you of cozy and comforting mulled wine? It just feels so regal for the season.


White Nails



White is pretty much a nail color for all seasons, but it fits especially well with the wintry one. Think about it—snowflakes, the marshmallows in your hot cocoa, and white poinsettias. A creamy or iridescent shade of white is perfect for a holiday manicure.