15 Photos That Prove the VMAs Were Wild in the '00s

Do you know what’s truly wild about the photos from the MTV Video Music Awards in the 2000s? It’s how much has changed since all of the Destiny’s Child members were walking the red carpet together, The Hills was the must-watch TV show, and Rihanna was just a budding talent (not the total icon we know her as today). Now, with the VMAs on the horizon—they’re Monday, August 20—it seems like a perfect time for a trip down memory lane.

In the 15 examples ahead, it’s truly the fashion that sets us squarely in the ’00s. Specifically, that means dramatically low-rise pants, tons of studs and crystals, and, in the case of Lady Gaga, a dress made of meat. And as the women below make up some of our favorite artists today, it’s also delightful to see how their personal style has evolved. Is it for the better? You can make that call for yourself. Keep scrolling for 15 red carpet photos that’ll ignite your nostalgia.

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