Good Leather Jackets Are Hard to Find, But I Found 24 of Them for Under $200

One of my best purchases ever was a genuine leather jacket I bought for $129 at Nordstrom Rack five years ago. It was hiding underneath mounds of picked-through shirts and coats (which is why I meticulously check each item on the rack when I'm shopping!), but once I spotted it and saw the crazy price tag, I knew it was too good to pass up. That jacket has been with me across continents and coasts, during apartment moves, and almost every PR meeting I took in 2018. Sadly, I lost my beloved jacket during the course of one of those apartment moves, but it's taught me that good, cheap leather jackets aren't actually impossible to find—you just need to know where to look.

Fortunately, I've already done the "looking" part for you. I've browsed through the internet to find 24 amazing, cheap leather jackets all for under $200. From classic, black moto styles to colorful numbers, each is bound to be your ride or die for the season. Keep scrolling to check out them all.

Prada displayed a ton of oversize moto jackets during its spring show, and naturally, I want one now.

According to the reviews, this jacket is definitely worth buying.

A bomber jacket and moto jacket walk into a bar…

Real leather and only $150? Yeah, this won't be in stock for long.

As much as the thought of scoring a vintage leather jacket makes me feel fuzzy inside, my search has been fruitless. Until that dream comes true, I'll be wearing this cool, vintage-inspired version.

Such an unexpected color, but so welcomed for the lighter air of spring.



I love a tie waist jacket as an everyday staple.

For $100, this is about as solid of an option as they come.

Urban Outfitters did the painstaking task of sourcing cool vintage items for you.

Harrington-style jackets like this one are becoming an It staple for this year.

A white moto jacket for spring feels 1000% appropriate.

Blank NYC always makes some of my favorite affordable leather outerwear.

This shade of yellow is calling my name.

If high-waisted pants are regularly a part of your uniform, look for a cropped silhouette to balance out the proportions.

Here's genuine leather for an incredible price.

This jacket is the entry for "cool" in the Encyclopedia.



Switch things up with a glorious suede jacket. It really pairs nicely with bohemian-inspired pieces.