I'm in My 20s, My Mom Is in Her 50s, and We Both Agree on These 30 Summer Items



When it comes to fashion, my mom and I aren’t exactly on the same page. Okay, we're maybe not even in the same book. She has a classic yet bohemian style—lots of long skirts and maxi dresses with flat sandals and minimal jewelry and accessories. Whereas I tend to be a tad more on the glamorous side. I mean, if you see me wearing only one piece of jewelry, pigs may be flying. While we don’t exactly have the same sense of style, we definitely share a love of shopping and finding great new pieces to add to our wardrobes. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of pieces out there that we both adore but would just style completely differently. When thinking about this idea, the two of us shopped for pieces that could fit into both of our wardrobes seamlessly.

Nordstrom and Shopbop had so many items that checked both of our lists. See the 30 pieces we can’t wait to wear.

These are the type of sandals I would steal from my mom's collection. 

How fun is this colorful midi dress? 

An all-black one-piece is a classic swimsuit that's great for everyone.

The perfect farmers market dress. 

I love these square-toe strappy sandals. 

I love a good straw hat, and I love that this one is under $60. 

Major heart eyes for this sundress. 

These are the ultimate cool-girl flats. 

This is the perfect vacation dress for summer. 

Pair these with a maxi dress. 

I've never really been into clogs, but suddenly I've changed my tune. 

A classic pair of Birkenstocks has always been where my mom and I meet in the middle. We both love them.