The Most Important Summer Accessories on the Internet Right Now

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Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 25 fashion and beauty finds on their current wish list.

Saying I’m a huge fan of luxe accessories is an understatement. Name a necklace and I probably want it. Bags? Let’s not even go there. Although my wallet might not be happy with it, this summer season has made my accessory-loving heart very happy with so many showy pieces to choose from.

I’m also lucky because a ton of this season's accessories also work when I’m in full-on mom mode: I’m talking hair up and sneakers on. When I was scouring the internet, I was sure to look for pieces I knew could work for both my working life and my personal life. If you’re in the same kind of shoes as me and also love your fair share of handbags and other accessories, you'll want to check out my top 25 accessories of the season.

I never thought this iconic purse would make its way back into my heart, but it did and I'm not complaining. I’m opting for a neutral shade to increase its longevity in my wardrobe.

When in doubt go for a special necklace that’s not only timeless but also has extra special details like heart-shaped petals that make up the flower pendant. 

I love that the frames on these are tortoiseshell and not black. (You better believe I have so many black sunglasses.) I can’t see myself in ultramodern cat-eye style sunglasses, so these ones give me what I’m looking for.

As a working mom, the need for a structured tote bag has never been more necessary. I love that this Mansur Gavriel option is baby blue: It’s a fun diaper-bag alternative.

Styling a chain belt with a pair of high-waist jeans is a go-to for me, and this option is a great addition for anyone looking for a simple gold-chain belt.

I’m not usually one to jump quickly on super-hot items because I fear they’ll go out of style as fast as they came in. But this very now fashion-girl staple has proved its worth to me.

When I’m in mom mode, my hair is always in a low pony so my daughter can't pull at my hair. This scrunchie is a luxe upgrade from my tattered hair tie.

I’m also very into baguette bags at the moment. This By Far version is the perfect statement maker for an all-white or neutral outfit.

I’m not much of a headband gal but I can’t pass up this padded option from one of my favorites, Ganni. It doesn’t look costumey unlike some other headbands I’ve come across and will work with my neutral-toned wardrobe.

Mango always offers up so many wardrobe staples at such an attainable price, it’s hard to say no to something that catches my eye. This neutral baguette purse is no different and serves as a perfect work bag.

I’ve also been looking for the perfect crescent-shaped makeup bag and I think I found the one. I commute, so this option from Cuyana is the perfect size to toss in my car or my tote bag.

Yes, this is another Bottega bag, but hear me out! This classic woven style is something I can use year-round and the style (like the clutch) is one that won’t go out of fashion.

Love a dainty bracelet that speaks for itself. Between the diamond floral pendant and heart-shaped petals, this special piece of jewelry is perfect to wear every single day.

I first saw these on some of my favorite influencers at fashion week, and ever since, I’ve been in love. I’m not a huge hair-accessory girl, but these are to die for.

Yes, I fully realize how extra this may seem, but this is a wish list! This fun case is the type of little luxury item I can get behind.

If you’re looking for a classic belt like I am, go for a woven one from (surprise) Bottega Veneta.

I totally get that baseball caps are trending, but for me, this classic piece has been on rotation in my wardrobe since I can remember. From running errands to lunch with a friend, this hat helps me hide the fact that I haven't had had time to wash my hair. 

This card holder is perfect for the weekends when I'm running quick errands with my daughter. 

White tights are trending right now, and this statement pair from Gucci has also been on my list for quite some time. I imagine wearing these under a pair of distressed denim with a white button-down shirt.

My friends and I have been texting each other about this bag for months, debating whether it is functional or not. I say who cares about function: The shape is a great alternative to traditional bucket styles.

This might be the weirdest accessory on here, but there’s nothing I hate more than an unorganized bag. This little insert will go straight into my tote and can hold my work items and Sophie’s necessities without my purse becoming one jumbled mess.

This is a complete investment piece: I really love owning classic and timeless accessories like this one because I know I'll get my cost per wear out of it. I also happen to be in need of a watch and prefer leather bands for an everyday look.

How cute is this little face mask and bow set? 

Every season I try to switch up my jewelry game, and this leather Loewe bracelet feels timely. It’s a refreshing change from the various metals I have in my wardrobe and works for more casual looks.