I'm 5-Feet Tall, and This Is What's on My Current Wish List

The Best Styles for Petites

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 25 fashion and beauty finds on their current wish list.

When walking next to our senior influencer manager, Paulina Galoostian, I can’t help but feel like a giant. And even though my 5'9" self is the polar opposite of her 5'0" petite frame, we do have one thing in common: Our love for fashion. Let me tell you, my über-chic co-worker knows how to pick the right pieces for her size. When I asked her how she came into her amazing style, her answer was this: "I come from a long line of petite, powerful women who have empowered me to be confident in myself, including my height. That said, being petite, I am aware of what types of clothes I should be wearing to complement my lack of inches and express my big personality."

Today (thanks to many years of in-store and online shopping experience), she's sharing all her top picks, plus all her petite-friendly styling tips. Curious to see what she recommends? Keep scrolling.


I have more than five weddings to attend this summer alone. It can be challenging to find formal dresses, so I alway try an asymmetrical dress since I like the way they elongate my legs.

Look into long drop earrings. Not only do they elongate the face, but they're also a fun way to accessorize an outfit.

Embrace a shorter hemline! Since my legs are shorter, I feel like I can wear miniskirts and shorts on any occasion without revealing too much skin for my comfort.

I would say I have a very romantic style, so puff sleeves feel very authentic to me and my personality. The bigger the puff, the bigger the statement!

I love these shorts because I can wear them in the evening and make them look both chic and formal.

Jumpsuits are often too long on me, so I usually opt for rompers instead. This is a great choice for a vacation or daytime event.

Speaking of which, here's another one I love that is perfect for day or night. My tall friends always say rompers look too short on them when they wear heels, but I’ve never run into that problem.

I love these mules for both work and the weekend. It's a casual and comfortable way to add height.

This dress gives the illusion that I'm at least 5'3.

I’ve always been told that wearing shoes in my skin tone will make me look taller, but I've found that vinyl-transparent pumps do the job even better.

Pro tip: Fill your closet up with versatile crop tops to elongate your torso. This faux-leather choice can be paired with high-waisted jeans, trousers, skirts, or shorts.

Pointed shoes make feet look longer, which in return make my legs look longer. These Valentinos are a very comfortable choice.

This nude wrap top is great for petite girls who also have larger busts.


I am going to Miami for my birthday, and these high heels are definitely coming with me. They're also super comfortable, especially considering they're extreme heel height.

Here's another puffy-sleeve top I love. The more dramatic the shoulders, the better. Puffy sleeves make me feel powerful.

I only own Topshop (petite) jeans. They are the best and the only pair of jeans I’ve never had to get hemmed. Please DM me if you know any other brands who make jeans for petite girls because I’m done spending extra money on alterations.

My mom sent me this dress, and I was skeptical at first. Surprisingly, the cascading side panel made me look taller. Like I said, the women in my family know how to dress for our height.

An exaggerated tie at the waist on a blouse or dress adds extra dimension to a look, creating the illusion of long lines.

I would definitely wear this as a going-out top with high-rise denim pants.

This silhouette always flatters my body type.

If I need an extra layer, I love to wear this cropped leather jacket that cuts off underneath my bust, giving me an elongated look.

The most underrated but most important wardrobe item for petite women (and all women, in my opinion) is a good bra. The right one is worth the investment, so do yourself a favor and get an accurate bra measurement.

No matter your height, a belt helps cinch the waist and add dimension to your looks.