I'm a Beauty Editor in NYC—Here Are 30 Products I'll Love Forever



Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

Living in New York City, I feel like everyone I know is always talking about the biggest new trends and products—it’s honestly hard to keep up with. Everyone in the city is perpetually shopping, trying new trends, and testing new products. As a beauty editor, I have tons of products to test and sort through every day, and as a New Yorker, I am constantly drooling over the latest trends I see on the street. 

I am normally pretty immune to the shopping bug, but lately, it’s been so tempting to try the latest and greatest products out there. If you’re wondering what trends and products are actually worth adding to your cart this spring, keep reading. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite beauty products of all time, some fashion items I know will be on heavy rotation this spring, and even a couple of surprising lifestyle picks I can’t stop thinking about. From the blow-dryer brush that I recently discovered I can never live without to some statement loafers I’ll be wearing all spring long, get ready to discover my current wish list.

Did someone say Dyson Airwrap dupe? This interchangeable blow-dryer brush comes pretty damn close. I have tons of thick hair that takes approximately one year to blow-dry, but somehow, it dries in 10 minutes when I use this brush. Plus, my hair looks like I got it professionally blown out. It even has a cool-shot button to help set hair. 

I do not know why Boy Smells fragrances haven't blown up yet. This fragrance has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. Unlike many rose scents, it's not powdery or cloying. I have gotten a compliment every single time I've worn this perfume, no joke. The last time I wore it, someone actually wrote it down in their Notes app. I suggest investing immediately.

I'm such a sucker for D.S. & Durga's candles—the last one I had I burned through in less than a week, I was that obsessed with how it smelled. This one smells like rain, eucalyptus, the sea, and magnolia, which is an intoxicating mix that I need my apartment to smell like immediately. 

When I put this foundation on, I cannot believe how good my skin looks. It looks like I popped on an IRL Instagram filter, and you honestly can't tell that I'm wearing foundation at all. It's perfect for my dry skin. 

I am a body-lotion snob. I have extremely dry skin, and many body lotions just don't cut it for me. This is far and away the best body lotion I've ever tried. 

Corset tops are still in, and this is my favorite one. It's a very approachable way to try out the trend, and it's a really flattering cut.  

I don't typically like sweet scents, but something about this perfume from Ellis Brooklyn just gets me excited for warm weather. It smells like dark, caramelized honey. I guarantee you'll want to smell your wrist all day long. 

Say it with me: Sunscreen should be fun! Vacation knows this, and that's precisely what makes this sunscreen lotion so good. It smells like coconuts, Lycra, and that scene from The Sandlot where Squints kisses the lifeguard. With Vacation's Classic Lotion, applying sunscreen doesn't feel like a chore. 

I'm on an Ellis Brooklyn kick, and I also can't stop daydreaming about long days at the beach. This perfume smells like creamy, salty skin and summer days that feel endless. 

If I want a boost of intense, spa-like moisture, I reach for this heavenly body stone. It feels like I'm getting a high-quality massage, all from the comfort of home. 

Go ahead. Call me basic. This is just the best candle ever. It gives any room you light it in a certain je ne sais quoi—like you're walking through a French garden at twilight. 

Supergoop! never misses. Its newest launch, formulated to look invisible on all skin tones, will be a spring-and-summer staple for me. It dries so quickly and feels like you're not even wearing sunscreen.

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I would trust the Who What Wear fashion editors with my life. Almost every single one of them has recommended this bomber, so I bought it for myself, and I have not worn another jacket in weeks. I'm serious. 

Our senior beauty editor, Erin Jahns, told me about L-theanine, and quite frankly, I don't know what I was doing without it. I'm naturally a fairly anxious person, and these supplements zen me out on even the most stressful days. 

This magnesium mist helps soothe and calm sore muscles post-workout. I love spritzing it on before a hot-yoga session to really feel the benefits, but it also works wonders after a run or a particularly tough strength-training workout. You can also mist it on before you go to bed for the soundest sleep of your life. 

Name your toxic trait. I'll go first: I love to self-tan, but I'm embarrassingly bad at it. I've gotten in trouble with many, many self-tanning formulas. In fact, my friends are accustomed to me showing up in jeans on a hot summer day because my legs are covered in orange stripes from a self-tan gone wrong. This tanning oil is deeply hydrating and delivers a flawless tan, even if you're tanning challenged like I am. 

I'm not even a big BTS fan, but I still need this limited-edition Lip Sleeping Mask that was made in collaboration with the boy band. It's one of my favorite beauty products of all time, and I think this packaging is adorable. 

I need to get my hands on this collector's edition of Byredo's iconic Blanche before it sells out. This perfume is the fragrance house's interpretation of the color white, and I know the white cap would look amazing on my vanity.

Every time I leave my apartment, I am bombarded by people wearing the coolest platform loafers. I have been lusting after this pair for a while now, and I think it's time I finally pull the trigger. 

My roommate is going to scream if she hears me say "I wish I had face jewels" one more time. After watching Euphoria, I'm obsessed with them. I love that these ones are multifaceted and come in different shapes. 

If you've read any of my other articles, you know that I am the unofficial spokesperson for this mascara. It's genuinely the best formula I've ever used. Tubing technology wraps your lashes to create tons of length. 

This may seem like a strange pick in this roundup, but I love cooking. Andy Baraghani's recipes have never steered me wrong, so I'm extremely excited for this cookbook to come out. Pre-order it now to be the first to try the recipes. 

Green is my favorite color, and I've been lusting over this adorable bag for months now. I think it will be the perfect pop of color for my springtime outfits. 

Is it weird to be obsessed with a hand soap? I don't care. I'm obsessed with this hand soap. My boyfriend's sister always has it at her house, and every time I use it, my hands feel renewed. It also looks so chic in any bathroom. 

For the majority of my life, I would only paint my nails red, and I never strayed. This is my favorite red nail polish. I feel more like myself when I have it on. 

Unfortunately, I am genetically cursed with dark circles. This eye cream is one of the only creams I've used that actually helps even them out and brighten my under-eyes. 

Trousers are in, and much to my initial dismay, so are low-rise pants. These wide-leg pants from Zara feel like the perfect way for me to dip my toe into the pool of low-rise pants without fully committing. 

Tata Harper's iconic Resurfacing Mask sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves skin glowy and bright. I can't believe what this does for skin texture. 

If you have dry skin like I do, you need this hydrating serum. I smooth it under my moisturizer to plump and replenish my skin. 

Every since I started using this styling oil, my hair has never looked shinier or smoother. It is a downright impressive elixir that will transform even the unruliest flyaways.