I'm Insta-Stalking These Stylish Men—for Their Outfits, Duh

By now, it should come as no surprise that we spend hours and hours on Instagram. We've shared the posts our editors have saved to their Instagram collections and have admitted to stalking these celeb accounts for their chic-as-hell fashion 'grams. We search high and low for the inspiration that sparks all our stories on site, and just because we're usually spotlighting women's fashion, we're going beyond our regularly scheduled programming to bring you the most stylish men we follow.

The way I see it, these guys are a completely untapped treasure trove of really good style. Their outfits are equally as playful and forward as their female street style counterparts, each of them completely disproving the notion that men's style is "boring." In fact, we share more of the same favorite trends than you might expect. Go on to see which men's style stars I'm currently Insta-stalking and the pieces I'm buying to cop their cool looks.

Luka Sabbat

At just 20, the Grown-ish actor has all the ingredients of a style star. He's regularly spotted at fashion weeks and in print magazines, and he has worked with labels like Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss. His effortlessly cool approach to style reminds me of French-girl stereotypes—aka we'll be working on decoding it for the foreseeable future.

Don’t ask me what’s in the bag, I’m just the messenger boy

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Business in the front. Business in the back.

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The world is spinning too fast

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Giotto Calendoli

Giotto Calendoli is an Italian blogger, designer, and street style star whose outfits are so bomb that I've been known to let out an audible gasp scrolling through his feed. He's nailed a perfect balance between menswear staples like relaxed tailoring and cool-kid trends.

Burn inside. @carshoe #carshoe #flames #carshoeonfire.

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feeling the stripes .

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Cole Sprouse

This one hardly needs introducing, but let me take this moment to give you a refresher on Cole Sprouse's jaw-dropping style. He's regularly working on photography projects and that definitely translates into his artsy cool-kid approach to fashion. I mean, has anyone ever made Converse look that good?

Leon Bridges

I've been listening to Leon Bridges's soulful ballads for years now, but only recently did it occur to me to look him up on Instagram. Let me tell you that I was floored by what I found. The man has a retro aesthetic that's perfectly well-suited to his musical talents.

Flyer than 6 pairs of wingsss ???? @thejouany

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Justin O'Shea

It makes sense that the husband of German street style star Veronika Heilbrunner would also have a strong fashion sense, but even that's an understatement. Justin is the former creative director of Brioni who left to launch his own brand, SSS World Corp. His designs for the collection, "inspired by surfers, pimps, and heavy metal," are very much a reflection of his own personal style.

Avan Jogia

Maybe you remember Avan Jogia as the actor who played alongside Ariana Grande in Nickelodeon's Victorious (at least I do), but today Avan's graduated from his teenage stardom and has taken on a '90s grunge-inspired look we can't get enough of.

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????: @iddophoto

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Guiliano Calza

If you pay any attention to Italy's fashion It crowd these days (Gilda and Giorgia from Attico, Chiara Ferragni, Patricia Manfield), you'd spot Guiliano Calza among them. The designer of streetwear line GCDS is regularly sporting the latest designer sneakers and streetwear trends with a playful twist.

Me, really chill on the way to a show.

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THE MURDER OF THE DANCE FLOOR. @patriciamanfield

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