This Is Officially the Most Popular Brand With Millennials

If you could peek inside the virtual shopping carts of millennials, there's a good chance you'd see one specific brand over and over again. Poshmark analyzed millions of its transactions and officially determined that Lululemon is the most purchased brand on the app right now. (Given its cult-favorite status, we can't say we're surprised.) Rounding out the app's top five in-demand labels are Gucci, Adidas, Free People, and Madewell.

Considering that millennials make up the vast majority of its user base, Poshmark is the perfect company to offer insight into the generation's shopping habits. In a press release, the app even broke down spending patterns by city: For instance, Chicago millennials are particularly obsessed with Nike sneakers right now while Los Angeles shoppers are buying tons of Free People tops. We don't know about you, but we're fascinated with this insight into the mind (and shopping bag!) of the millennial.

Inspired by Poshmark's new data, scroll down to shop our Lululemon picks.

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