Mark My Words: You'll Have These Casual Summer Items on Heavy Rotation



There's no denying that this summer looks drastically different from last year, but my ability to press "add to cart" or "complete order" hasn't wavered. I've come to realize that the items in my cart fall into the categories of loungewear or full-fledged party attire. There is no in-between. Now that I'm making plans that are not solely centered on self-care nights or birthday dinners, I've taken notice of the fact that my summer wardrobe lives on two ends of the spectrum, leaving no room for outfits for casual coffee dates or reading in the park.

Luckily, lululemon's selection of casual clothes bridges the gap between athleisure and revenge dressing. Spoiler alert: There's no shortage of high-quality, comfortable clothing to get us through our not-so-extravagant plans in style. If you want to add some staple pieces to your closet, all while still maintaining your personal style, keep scrolling.