This Is How to Wear Leggings as Pants in 2023 and Still Look Relevant

If you're still trying to break the habit of wearing leggings all day every day, you're not alone. Between 2020 and 2022, leggings were basically the only type of pants in existence. And, it's kind of bittersweet to end a two-year streak of wearing elastic waistbands. 

So why bother? There are plenty of ways to wear leggings as pants that don't feel or look super dated. The key is, of course, letting other parts of the outfit do the heavy style lifting. For example, we love the look of leggings with an oversize blazer—a combo we would never have tried if not for endless Zoom meetings—which can look more playful with the right shoes and accessories and less like you just threw this jacket on to look professional. 

Or perhaps you've doubled down on neutral shades and matching sets and are looking for a way to wear them that does not include denim. In that case, we suggest moving beyond your basic black leggings for something a bit more intentional, like a soft brown or heather gray. 

Lest we forget, leggings are a great way to put the focus on tall socks with logos or interesting details and can easily be styled with a variety of shoes from slingbacks to ballet slippers. With that in mind, we've pulled key pieces from seven outfits with leggings that will let you keep wearing the beloved stretch pants into 2023 and beyond. Get ready—your go-to leggings are about to have a glow-up.

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1. Blazers Mean Business
7 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants



A lush, oversize blazer with slingback heels and an eye-catching accessory take leggings from obvious to intentional.

Good American's range of sizes make it easy to find your ideal fit.

Perfect for holiday parties, too.

Affordable slingback pumps just don't get any better than this.

2. Neutral Know-How
7 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants



Have a gorgeous, long camel coat? Let it be the star of the outfit by sticking to similarly colored neutrals from head to toe. BTW, brown leggings are seriously underappreciated. 

A tan baseball cap is always nice to have, even if it's not your team's color. 

There are so many fantastic wool coats this season, and they come in a variety of colors, not just black and navy. 

Brown leggings are kind of chic, right?

3. Color Story
7 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants



If you prefer to stick with the most basic of basics (black leggings, sporty sneakers, and a T-shirt or turtleneck), we get it. Pair those staples with brightly colored outerwear or accessories to add a pop of playfulness to any leggings outfit. 

Quilted stitching makes this jacket especially eye-catching.

Gray New Balance sneakers go with everything.

4. Play With Proportions
7 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants



Leggings tend to have a pretty snug fit, so a boxy oversize sweater is an easy and comfortable way to counter them. Grab your go-to tote and simple flats, and you're good to go.  

This 100% suede bag is larger than it looks. 

Lululemon's high-quality leggings are hard to beat.

Ballet flats with leggings? Beautiful. 

5. Interesting Elements
7 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants



Ever tried stirrup leggings? They're fun to wear over shoes with heels and tend to look more elevated than similar ankle-length designs. Pair them with a riding jacket for a nod to equestrian style or stick with accessories that also function as conversation starters. 

Fashion folks around the world have some style of this sweater.

See how interesting stirrup leggings look with heels?

6. Gray All Day
7 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants



If the day calls for something simple, we love wearing leggings with a cozy sweater and sneakers. Keep the look current by wearing similarly colored tops and bottoms, like the deep grays seen above. 

There's a nice knit to be found at any price point. 

Zella leggings are a Who What Wear editor favorite for a reason.

New Balance's retro-inspired style is selling out fast.

7. Back to Black
7 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants



Remember what we just shared about coordinating colors? It doesn't get easier than black on black. High-waist leggings and a cozy cropped sweater help break up the monochrome look, but a chunky sweater works too. Keep it going from head to toe with thick black socks and perhaps a slouchy beanie for the ultimate tribute to timeless black leggings. 

A tactile texture is a nice contrast to sleek spandex.

What can we say? We love leggings with chunky socks, and at under $2 a pair, these are a deal.