7 Items Every Fashion Girl Bought in 2016

Don't you hate, when you see something everywhere but just can't manage to get your hands on it? This year, there were seven items that gained cult status in Australia, that actually trying to buy them was a mission in itself. Sold out, or on pre-order are two words that don't satisfy our want for now. But, that didn't stop us from doing everything we could to get our hands on the pieces below.

These are the buys that gained cult-status in Australia. We spotted them absolutely everywhere—from Bondi Beach, to Fitzroy, to Instagram, and Snapchat, every fashion girl wore these pieces.

Click through to find out what these items were, and shop them for yourself (while they're still available!).

It can be worn back to front too, so it's not wonder Sir The Label can't keep this top in stock.

Lost count of the amount of times I've seen these worn with high-waist jeans and a band tee.

It feels like every Aussie fashion blogger has worn this necklace layered with other fine chains. And why not, look at how special it is? It makes any outfit at least ten times cooler. Who else is asking Santa for this one?

This red dress absolutely ruled 2016, and it shows no sign of slowing down next year. Snap one up now because it always sells out.

Not only were these Gucci slides a big deal in Australia, but they resonated with girls all over the world.

These jeans hit a high at Fashion Week Australia but we're still seeing them all over the streets of Sydney. 

Can't keep up with how many times this cult bag has been restocked. The vintage shape and affordable price tag makes it the perfect summer bag.

Opening image: Harper & Harley

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