The Most Expensive Watches on the Planet Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Good, quality pieces often come with heftier price tags. Hence the term investment piece. Why else would one spend a large amount of money if not for an investment? Ideally, it's also an act of sustainability since the item you bought—whether shoes, purse, suit, dress, jewelry—will (or should) last you a long time.

However, there are certain items that make one wonder why they cost so much and who would buy (or invest) in them. Well, those questions popped up with the list of expensive watches we pulled up. Why did we do such a thing? Because sometimes you can't help but feel curious about the wonders of the world. Yes, these fall under the "wonders" category. From jewel-encrusted and stunning gold, you can find the most expensive watches here and ooh and aah with us while we admire them through our laptop screens.

Price upon request.

So expensive, you have to request the price. 

Price upon request.

The name of this watch is quite accurate. 

Not even expensive watches can escape the animal-print trend. 

It's always diamond hour with this watch. 

The only thing extreme about this watch is the price. 

Gold and diamonds? Yes, please. 

If you wear this, Slytherin gains 10 points. 

Taking diamond watches to a whole new level. 

Wear the constellations on your wrist with this pricey watch. 

Be able to tell the time and the phases of the moon with this stainless steel watch. 

Did you think Tiffany & Co. only made expensive jewelry? 

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