How to Clean a Leather Watch Band

A leather watch is no cheap investment, so once you purchase the classic timepiece, you want to be able to wear it for as long as possible. Daily use can quickly wear down the wrist piece and make the leather band look dull and spotty but before you run back to the store to scoop up yet another watch, it's important to think about the steps you can take at home to breathe new life into the one you already have. That's why we've created a guide on how to clean a leather watch band. It's simple and only requires a few materials you most likely already own. Keep reading for tips and tricks then shop some of our favorite leather watches for fall and winter.

1. Remove the strap.

Before you begin cleaning the leather watch band, make sure to remove the strap. This ensures the dial stays protected.

2. Take out a dry cloth.

Use a dry cloth to wipe the leather strap down. This removes excess dirt and debris and ensures the rest of the cleaning process goes smoothly. 

3. Wash with soap.

Next up, put a small amount of soap (always use a gentle formula, as others can dry out the leather) on a damp microfiber cloth. Then, using small, circular motions, gently rub the damp cloth over the watch band.

4. Wash off the soap.

Rinse the cloth under water to remove all soap residue. Then, squeeze out excess water. Wipe the damp cloth over the strap to remove the soap.

5. Let the band dry.

After completing all the steps of wiping the band down with soap and water and then removing the soap residue, let it air dry.

6. Apply leather conditioner.

The final step in the cleaning process is to apply some sort of leather conditioner specifically made for watches, as any other type of leather conditioner can end up being too harsh.

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