Meet the 19 Most Expensive Purses of 2019

Buying a new purse can make a serious dent in your wallet, but the arm accessory could be a part of your closet for years to come. As such, investing in a top-quality bag can prove to be worth it in the long run. To help you find your match made in bag heaven, we’ve done a handful of roundups that covered countless different styles. Looking for a hands-free bag for your upcoming summer adventure? We found the top ones here. We’ve also highlighted some of the biggest bag brands of 2019, all of which are certain to have something to suit your personal taste.

Today’s focus? We thought we’d dream big this time and round up the most expensive purses of 2019. We searched some of our go-to retailers, adjusting the search parameter to first show the priciest in the collections, and boy, did we find some with hefty price tags. From the iconic Birkin bag to a pretty Chanel crossbody, ahead, see the 19 most expensive purses we could find on the internet right now, ranked from highest to lowest. Be warned: Once you set your sights on these, you'll be dreaming about them for the foreseeable future.

The glamorous pearl detailing is so breathtaking.

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