The Most Expensive Birkin Bags I Could Find on the Internet

Ah, the illustrious Birkin bag. Everyone wants it, yet it's among the hardest-to-get and priciest items around. Most of us aren't willing to pay the price of a condo for a bag, but who could resist some Hermès eye candy to brighten up your day? I scoured the internet to find out the most expensive versions and found some truly over-the-top price tags you have to see to believe. 

Christie's, for instance, has sold a Birkin bag for a staggering $375,222, which holds the record for the most expensive bag ever sold at auction. Meanwhile, the most expensive currently available Birkin bag on The RealReal costs $50,000 while the cheapest version is just over $4000. Scroll down to see the most expensive Birkins I could find on the internet. 

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