These Are the Most Comfortable T-Shirts to Travel In

It’s a no-brainer that T-shirts are the absolute best items to travel in. While I don’t wear tees every day of the week, I’d consider myself to be a T-shirt connoisseur, so needless to say, I always travel with a variety of cozy tees. However, it has taken a considerable amount of trial and error to hunt down the most comfortable of them all.

From a traveler’s perspective, your traveling tee should be soft to the touch with a relaxed fit. The best T-shirts are also breathable, light, and thick enough to assure that your bra doesn’t show. (Not too much to ask from a simple staple, right?) My favorite travel T-shirts are constructed from soft materials and pair well with everything from cropped denim to leggings. Read on to see the T-shirts I never travel without.

Which T-shirt will you be traveling in? We know—they all look so comfy.