A List of the Most Supremely Comfortable Clothes We've Ever Worn, by Our Editors


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Sometimes, getting dressed just does not feel like it is in the cards for the day. What should you do when putting on "real clothes" is not working for you but you cannot possibly wear yet another sweatsuit for the umpteenth time? Even fashion editors face this predicament. That's why it is key to have stylish clothes that are just as easy as your favorite sweatsuit. Trust us—being well-dressed doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort.

Our editors know that the key to effortless style is finding pieces that feel as good as they look. So we asked around about the comfiest clothes they wear, and the rave reviews rushed in. Because if there is anything an editor loves, it is gushing about their latest and greatest fashion find. From the softest sweaters that feel like cashmere blankets to actually comfortable leather pants (it's not often you see "comfortable" and "leather" being used in the same sentence, but hear us out), these are the most supremely comfortable clothes our editors wear. Keep reading for excellent options to add to your wardrobe. 


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"I get it—jeans aren't the most comfortable item in the world, but when you find an ultra-soft pair of denim, you wear them often. This Levi's pair is the most comfortable pair of denim I own. Whenever I want to put on 'real clothes' but don't feel like going for anything extremely out of my comfort zone, these jeans are what I reach for." 

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"I own a lot of tank tops, but LNA's Racer tank is no doubt one of the softest and most comfortable I own. I have one in every color!"

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"I comfortably wore these jeans at five months pregnant (albeit in a couple of sizes up), so it's safe to say they're winners in my book."

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"While leather pants are probably the last item you'd think would fall into the 'most comfortable' clothing category, Artizia's wildly popular Melina trousers are just a different breed. To me, they're not just a good pair of faux-leather pants; they're *the* pair of faux-leather pants. In my opinion, what makes them so comfortable and flattering is that the waist and pockets are designed to fit just like your favorite pair of jeans, but the rest of the leg is stretchy and basically molds to your body. I think I've lost track of how many times I've worn my pair."

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