The 25 Most Comfortable Bralettes Ever, According to These Glowing Reviews

I'll admit it: I hate bras. If could wear bralettes all day every day and forego traditional underwire bras entirely, I would in a heartbeat. I find bralettes to be more comfortable and just easier to wear in general. And while I know not everyone is 100% on board with bralettes on a regular basis, the increased time at home has more people considering the lightweight option. Even in 2021, people are still keeping comfort at a priority with their clothing, so it's no surprise they're looking for the same requirements in their undergarments. 

With that in mind, I scoured the internet to find the most comfortable bralettes that not only looked good but were backed with glowing reviews by real customers. While try-ons may not be a thing right now, reviews are the closest thing we have at the moment to finding the perfect bra. With options from a variety of retailers, I'm sure there's one in this mix that might make you want to hang up underwire bras for good. 

"This bralette is so beautiful on. I’m 34DD and ordered the medium. It's super comfy and sexy. I ordered the matching panties as well. Grab it, you won't regret it."—Nordstrom reviewer

"This has become my new favorite loungewear. For someone who prefers to be comfy more than anything, this bralette has set a new bar for me. It has an adjustable strap and the elastic band does not feel itchy. It doesn’t dig into my skin at all. It’s light enough to sleep in and you can go straight into wearing it by itself for when you’re lounging at home in the daytime. You can never go wrong with a classic Calvin Klein."—Nordstrom reviewer

"I love this bralette! It’s extremely comfortable. It’s unique to find a bra that makes you feel sexy and sporty at the same time. I wear it when I lounge around the house but want to feel good about myself. Everyone should own one!"—Nordstrom reviewer

"This bra is beautiful! From the material to the craftsmanship and detailing, it's great quality. I got the black in a size small. The size chart had me at an XS but I sized up so it would be easier to get on and off over the head. The fit is perfect. Lastly, it was shipped in minimal packaging that was all paper/recyclable. Kim, I am super impressed. Every company should do this!"—Nordstrom reviewer


"I am 62 and have searched for the right bra for years. I've gone to special fittings. I've had Nordstrom fittings before that weren't great. This is the most comfortable bra ever. I've worn it for a week. It is fantastic. I bought an XL. I am in between a Large and XL in most tops. My cup size is a B/C. I will buy another. Yes, I recommend it."—Nordstrom reviewer

"I have struggled for years to find not only a bra that’s comfortable but also something I can feel sexy in & coordinate with my off the shoulder tops. I currently have this bra in 5 different colors & I wear a 38 DD. Yes a DD can comfortably fit in this bra. It allows my chest to not sag at all while filling my tops perfectly. I've never been happier with a purchase! I highly recommend it!"—Nordstrom reviewer

"I got this bralette in tungsten and I immediately went back and got it in black too! This is awesome for comfy/casual tees that are slouchy and off-the-shoulder. I'm a 30D and the medium fits perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to not wear a sports bra but doesn't like the feeling of a real bra."—Nordstrom reviewer

"I wear a 32DDD/F and I bought the 34 as I felt the 32 cups were a little too small. The 34 felt perfect and actually supported my boobs, which is completely unexpected because come on, it's a bralette! It's just lace! But somehow Wacoal has made a bralette that is both gorgeous and super comfortable to wear."—Nordstrom reviewer

"Beautiful lacy bra that is super comfy and super sexy?! Sign me up!! I love this bra for so many reasons and the fit is perfect. I highly recommend it!"—Lively reviewer

"This racerback bra is the most comfortable bralette I own! It feels light as air and is still supportive, lovely for working from home."—Lively reviewer

"I was worried this wouldn't have enough support, but it definitely does! It's so comfortable, I can barely tell I'm wearing a bra. It's a must for work from home days or just relaxing on the weekends."—Lively reviewer

"This set is so comfortable and the cotton is so soft! It's lightweight so you barely feel like your wearing anything. If you're just lounging or sleeping, the bralette is great for that! The underwear is very flattering and comfortable as well."—Fenty reviewer

"This is my favorite bra that I've ever worn. The style of it is perfect for framing your chest/collarbone area and squares the shoulders off perfectly. It is also very comfortable and works well for long-lasting wear. The front clasp is secure so you don't have to worry about any slips, but is also easy to undo and doesn't dig into the skin at all. I am never taking this off"—Fenty reviewer

"I don’t like wires in bras so this is the best comfortable bra ever. I can wear it to work, exercise, bed if I want and to work under my clothes. It’s not bulky at all and no snaps or wires I’m ordering one in every color."—Victoria's Secret reviewer

"This is one of the best purchases I’ve made when it comes to bras. Although it is a bralette, it’s very supportive and very stylish at the same time. I got an XL, and it fits perfectly for my 38D size. I will be ordering more!"—Victoria's Secret reviewer

"I love this bra so so so much! It is so comfortable. It does fit pretty snug but in a good way and the material does stretch really well."—Urban Outfitters reviewer

"I've been searching for a quarantine 'bra', something super comfy that I forget I even have on, but makes me feel *slightly* more professional when engaging in virtual meetings (even though they can't see below my collar-bone—it's peace of mind!). This bra did just that. I already want to buy another one in a different color."—Urban Outfitters reviewer

"It fits perfectly! So comfortable! The material is really nice! Not itchy or scratchy! I really would love it in more colors!"—Adore Me reviewer

"They provide excellent support and don't have uncomfortable underwire or thick padding. The wider back strap makes you feel secure and is so comfortable, and doesn't leave hat tight strap imprint some other bras with thin back straps do. The lace is lovely and doesn't show through most shirts. Overall it's a lovely product. Makes you feel super comfy but also sexy."—Amazon reviewer

"I feel free and I love it. I was looking for a cotton bra because I want to feel more natural and comfortable. It's my first time buying a bra with no padding and it's so comfortable, I'll be getting these type of bras from now on"—Amazon reviewer 

"This is so comfortable you could sleep in it. I don't know how they do it… but it is amazing. You can step into it or pull it over your head. I was worried about the lack of a clasp. It doesn't flatten you (but it won't give you tons of lift either). For me, it is perfect. I am ordering more today!"—Shopbop reviewer

"It's so comfortable! I will be wearing this underneath many outfits. The cut and pretty lace detailing are great for low cut tops/dresses, even if a little bit of the bra peeks through. This is my first time trying a Cosabella bra, but it won't be my last."—Shopbop reviewer

"By far the most comfortable bralette I have ever owned. And it’s super pretty/sexy on. I feel like the only comfortable bralettes I’ve found are not cute at all, so I was very surprised by this one. I will definitely be buying another because I love it so much"—Nordstrom reviewer

"Super comfortable, sexy and keeps my boobs up. Would recommend! Great for the price as well!"—Nordstrom reviewer

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