My TikTok-Famous Mom and I Agree—These 6 Staples Are All We Need for Winter


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After seeing this mother-daughter duo return from their "just for fun" fall trip to Paris, I decided that there might be an even better pair than Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Olivia Marcus has been sharing fashion content with her audience of 180k+ on TikTok for just over two years now, but she has some new competition in the already oversaturated fashion space. Lynette Marcus may be 31 years older than her daughter, yet she is keeping up very well with her TikTok career. She only started a month ago and has garnered over 1M+ views on her first few videos. The two have kept me entertained lately with their parodical feud and, of course, amazing outfits.

Mothers and daughters are known to disagree with each other, but when it comes to fashion, Lynette and Olivia are most definitely on the same page. 


(Image credit: @oliviamarcus@lynette.marcus)

How have you influenced each other's personal style?

Olivia Marcus: My mom puts an incredible amount of thought into every item hanging in her closet—she'll debate the merits of a $25 Target blouse just as much as she'd debate buying a designer piece because she is always shopping for longevity. I love that my mom has signature pieces in her closet that she'll restyle year after year because she shops for her personality first and trends second. I try to take the same approach when shopping to determine what my personal "classic" pieces are.

Lynette Marcus: Olivia's style is inspiring because she always wears something fun and unexpected. I appreciate that she pushes the envelope and uses fashion to express herself.

Are there any items that you love to borrow from her closet and vice versa?

OM: I've been borrowing my mom's clothes since middle school and always just thought we liked the same pieces (mostly Free People and Juicy Couture at the time), but as I've gotten older, I've discovered that my mom has so many vintage gems in her closet. I love to borrow her worn-in vintage Bottega Veneta shoulder bag, her '90s leather trench coat, and her killer snake-print suit. Basically, anything that my mom has kept in her closet for over 15 years is worth borrowing. I'd also love to get my hands on some of her Italian gold jewelry.

LM: Olivia has recently purchased two timeless It items that I want to borrow. I love her limited-edition chocolate-brown crossbody bag from Celine and classic penny loafers from Miu Miu. She should just lend them to me now, and someday, she will inherit them. Ha ha!

Now before we begin, describe your style in just a few sentences.

OM: I'd describe my style as "vintage menswear attends a renaissance fair in SoHo." I love an oversize blazer just as much as a long dress with puff sleeves, so my style becomes a modern fusion of both aesthetics. I'm a fashion writer, so I try to create my own version of "everyday editorial."

LM: I love a statement piece. (It even says so on my TikTok profile!) My style is classic but not conservative. When it comes to my personal style, I dress for how I feel on the inside and will never ask myself, Am I too old for this?

1. Loafers


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"We both have these loafers and swear by them as the cutest, most comfortable way to walk around a city. We love to pair ours with crew socks and jeans in the winter." 

Shop Olivia and Lynette's pick:

Shop more loafers:

2. Crossbody Bag


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"This soft leather crossbody bag is big enough to fit all of our essentials and sits nicely when worn over a big winter coat." 

Shop Olivia and Lynette's pick:

Shop more timeless bags:

3. Oversize Coat


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"A long coat is the easiest way to stay warm and look effortlessly chic. We both have this gray option from Zara and love that it looks more expensive than it is." 

Shop Olivia and Lynette's pick:

Shop more oversize coats:

4. Chunky Gold Hoops


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"We both love wearing turtlenecks in the winter and usually style them with a slicked-back bun and statement hoops."

Shop Olivia and Lynette's pick:

Shop more gold hoops:

5. Silk Pajamas


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"We recently upgraded our matching holiday pajama set to this silk version by Lunya, and now, we can never go back. We're guilty of wearing them during the day when we work from home."

Shop Olivia and Lynette's pick:

Shop more pajama sets:

6. Eye Cream


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"The importance of a good eye cream has been passed down from mother to daughter. This one keeps us looking awake and moisturized through the dry winter."

Shop Olivia and Lynette's pick:

Shop more eye creams:

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