Meet the 10 Models Redefining Off-Duty Style

Not so long ago, model-off-duty style was held together by a few sartorial linchpins: jersey T-shirts, leather jackets, skinny jeans and chunky boots. It was a sea of black, grey and white, often provided for and riffed on to perfection via the early runways of Alexander Wang. This original girl gang inspired us to pare down our wardrobes, but now the hippest, most booked, most influential models are blazing their own trails. It's less about a tribe of leather and denim and increasingly more about capturing a wild outfit in an equally wild (or hilarious) setting on social media.


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Being true to your personal style has become of a greater importance for models when it comes to growing their fan base and securing big jobs—a personality and an enviable, or recognisable, wardrobe go a long way. That doesn't mean it's all crazy amounts of super-expensive designer gear; it's quite the opposite. Our favourite It girls know how to mix high and low, whizz through a thrift store like a bargain-hunting demon, and pull together a look many wouldn't dare to approach.

So we're sharing the 10 models with the greatest off-duty style who we can't stop looking at. Go through the gallery to see some of their recent ensembles, and shop some of the pieces we think would fit into their closets.


Camille Hurel
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French model Camille Hurel was named the model who walked the most shows in September 2016, featuring in a grand total of 52 in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Given her relentless schedule, her style is all about comfy classics, such as tracksuit bottoms, chunky cricket jumpers, leather jackets and bombers.


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Hurel has that casual French style thing down, here wearing her cropped jeans, patent ankle boots and oversize shearling jacket backstage at Chanel.


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Camille often adds extra polish to her model-off-duty staples with accessories like statement earrings, belts and handbags—along with her post-show hair and makeup.


Mercy Sang
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Vogue introduced us to Melbourne-based model Mercy Sang, and we quickly became obsessed with her French-inspired style. Here she updates an all-black outfit with a chic beret, hoop earrings and a red handbag.


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Mercy shows that sometimes nothing beats a chic timeless outfit combo, such as her Louis Vuitton handbag, black blouse and high-rise cropped jeans.


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Mercy often opts for Wall Street–esque tailoring with wide-leg suit trousers and classic court shoes, which she modernises with unexpected tops or flashes of skin.


Grace Elizabeth
(Image credit: Instagram/@lovegrace_e)

American model Grace Elizabeth has been dubbed the model to know in 2017, as she has secured a number of massive breakthrough castings, including becoming the face of Victoria's Secret Pink. Her style is built around simple off-duty classics like statement sunglasses and denim jackets.


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If you follow Grace on Instagram, you'll know she's really into the gym, and her style is just as sporty, which is shown by her love of trainers, leggings and slogan tees.


Sita Abellan
(Image credit: Instagram/@sitabella)

Sita first came to our attention after bagging a major role in Rihanna's "B*tch Better Have My Money" music video. Little did we know that the wild styling in that production would be so reflective of this model's own unique wardrobe.


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Sita isn't afraid of a bonkers mash-up, and she usually mixes designer pieces with unusual vintage finds.


(Image credit: Instagram/@sitabella)

Sunglasses and dyed hair are the cherries on top of Sita's madcap mix-and-match styling.


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There's often a typical '90s reference at play: This look has a multitude of nods to the decade, from the oval sunglasses and giant choker through the mom jeans.


Soo-Joo Park
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Korea-born California girl Soo Joo is a favourite of the street-snapping circuit, and she knows just how to wear bright colours and prints without being wacky.


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This is the look that spawned a thousand copycats—her Isabel Marant bomber is still just as enviable.


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She even knows how to add interest to the simplest of looks—see the flash of OTK socks?


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Miss Park quite clearly has an excellent jacket collection.


Carlotta Kohl
(Image credit: Instagram/@carlottiica)

This artist/model is currently topping many a cool-girl list—and one look at her Instagram will show you why. We love her flirtatious style and equally cheeky snapshots. Also, any girl who has a straw hat with her name painted on it gets our vote.


(Image credit: Instagram/@carlottiica)

Carlotta's crew is equally inspirational.


(Image credit: Instagram/@carlottiica)

She's also a great reference point for makeup ideas, and she has been doing a sterling job of making us want to wear eye shadow again.


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Spearheading the robe-dressing movement AND matching shoes? What more could we ask for? The mirror, maybe…


Adwoa Aboah
(Image credit: Instagram/@adwoaaboah)

You'll probably already know about our girl crush on London model Adwoa Aboah. She's a maestro at putting together the strangest pieces into thoroughly coherent outfits—who else could pull this off?


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With her bleached buzz cut, Adwoa plays the androgynous card very well indeed.


(Image credit: Instagram/@adwoaaboah)

Flipping the idea of a Playboy Bunny outfit on its head, this kitsch going-out look isn't for the faint of heart.


(Image credit: Instagram/@adwoaaboah)

Yes, she has the Vetements platform boots—and enough trinket necklaces to make you start piling them all on again, fast.


Elsa Hosk
(Image credit: Instagram/@hoskelsa)

We've spoken of our love for Swedish-born Elsa Hosk's street style before, but she's a great example of having cute, offbeat style that's still approachable. How divine is the Emilia Wickstead dress?


(Image credit: Instagram/@hoskelsa)

Elsa's perfected the changing-room selfie—forget standing up; it's all about keeping it casual.

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(Image credit: Instagram/@hoskelsa)

Who'd have thought to put a boho blouse with such a ladylike handbag from Gucci? Elsa, that's who.


(Image credit: Instagram/@hoskelsa)

Even the simplest of get-ups receives a little extra treatment from the super: A front-peaked bandana scarf goes a long way.


Hanne-Gaby Odiele
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Hanne-Gaby Odiele is one of the more established street style mavens. Her irreverent approach to getting dressed never fails to surprise the photographers, whether she chooses a head-to-toe velvet Dries Van Noten look or a workman's boilersuit.


(Image credit: Instagram/@hannegabysees)

Mixing '70s flares with a '90s upper-half puts a new spin on retro basics.


(Image credit: Instagram/@hannegabysees)

In an Alexander Wang slip and slides (yes, they're the ones everyone's wearing right now), this Hanne-Gaby look busts the myth that satin dresses are only for cocktail events.


Ruby Aldridge
(Image credit: Instagram/@rubyalrdridge)

American model Ruby Aldridge has wickedly subversive style—think of an angsty, gothic version of Clueless, and you'll be on track.


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Check out Ruby's Instagram feed, and you'll see she's a total pro at thrift shopping.


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Alongside her model sister, Lily Aldridge, these two are guaranteed to make a striking addition to any fashion party. Heck, they even make that golf buggy look sultry.


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Creepers appear to be Ruby's shoe of choice at all times.

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