8 Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together in Minutes


Getty Images

If you haven’t already started planning your Halloween costume for the year, there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting until the last minute to put something together. After all, we can’t all have the dedication or the resources that rival that of Heidi Klum. Of course, even if it’s a minimalist costume, putting together something stellar for the festive night can cause more stress than it’s worth. But not to worry—we’ve got you covered.

Just because you’re putting together a costume in mere minutes doesn’t mean it can’t look great; all you need are the main pieces and the key accessories to throw together a quality Halloween look. Whether you’re dressing are your fashion icon or a character from your favorite movie, pulling off a spot-on costume is easier than you’d think. To get you started, we pulled together some of the chicest costumes that’ll only take minutes to spare. Check them out below.

Who needs to plan a costume months in advance when you can put these looks together in minutes?