I'm a Minimalist at Heart, and These Are the 5 Trends of 2021 I'll Try First


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While I do love a good maximalist moment every now and then, the simplicity of a muted neutral palette and elevated wardrobe basics is just hitting different these days. I'm finding myself drawn to a modern minimalist aesthetic more and more lately, as it really resonates with my WFH lifestyle. I've found Instagram to be a big source of inspiration on this front, in particular, Tanice Elizabeth. The Belfast-based content creator is an expert at styling luxurious loungewear and creating the perfect layered look and I've gleaned many outfit tips from her simple-but-cool 'fits.

Seeing as this pared-back approach to style is striking a chord right now, I asked Tanice to clue me in on some of the minimalist clothing trends she's most excited to try in 2021—and her answers are good. From the not-so-basic basics she's stocking her wardrobe with to the cool loungewear she's eyeing, keep reading to discover the new styles she's prioritizing and bear witness to her low-key style along the way.

1. Relaxed WFH Wear


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"I love a relaxed fit, as I love being comfortable, especially as I am working from home and homeschooling. From what I have seen on the catwalk, I look forward to wearing tailored trousers and basic T-shirts or oversize shirts with leggings, along with some comfortable footwear like a pair of Birkenstocks (still to decide on which pair that I want to invest in)."


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2. Basics With a Twist


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"It's no secret that I like to incorporate basics into nearly every outfit that I wear. I must wear loungewear four out of seven days of the week (maybe five). I love that designers have taken on board the fact that our daily life has somewhat changed, and as such, we're seeing elevated loungewear like sweaters with shoulder pads and chic loungewear. I will be wearing my loungewear with jewelry and either a pair of trainers or waterproof boots."


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3. Simple Layering


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"Recently, we have started to see a lot of simple layering, whether it be on Totême or The Row. I really look forward to wearing more knits thrown over shirts, as I love being cozy, or a slim-fit dress with an oversize shirt over, or even a sweater thrown over my shoulders over a sweatsuit for cozy loungewear days! The options are endless."


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4. The Black Dress


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"Okay, so this isn't new, but the black dress seems to be making a comeback with a slightly different angle in 2021. I have my eye on a figure-hugging but comfortable black midi dress, which is a thick knit, and I plan on wearing it both to lounge in or to dress up for dinner or date night."

5. Oversize Outerwear


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"I love oversize outerwear, as you can wear anything underneath and still look chic. Being able to be comfy but warm is much appreciated for the weather in Ireland. Whether it be an oversize trench coat or an oversize boxy fit coat, I plan on wearing them for coffee runs, grocery shopping, and hopefully, to some outdoor social events."


(Image credit: @taniceelizabeth)

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