Minimalist Bags Even My Super-Extra Self Would Love


Collage Vintage

No one in their right mind would describe me as a minimalist. I am known for gravitating toward anything bright, covered in glitter, or adorned with feathers. I prefer emotional purchases over stagnant ones, and a simple black bag doesn't stand a chance when one dripping in crystals is sitting right next to it. But all this maximalism comes with a price. When it comes to getting dressed every day, sometimes I feel like my closet is dressing me instead of the other way around.

In an effort to combat this frequent issue, I decided to become an "adult" (whatever that means) and invest in a bag that airs on the more practical side. Much to my surprise, I discovered a slew of minimalist handbags that even my "extra" self fell in love with. Thanks to brands like Danse Lente and Mlouye, the minimalist handbag game has officially been changed, and I am so into it.

Have these handbags convinced you that the minimalist doesn't have to be boring? Because I'm a believer.