This Cute, Hands-Free Micro-Bag Trend Is Perfect for Your Fall Activities

Our Favorite Mini Crossbody Bags, Period



The ease of use and the incredible convenience of a hands-free bag cannot be understood until experienced firsthand. Regardless of what you’re doing, whether it’s shopping the streets of your hometown, exploring a new city, or attending an event, having your hands, well, free from actually having to hold onto the handle of a purse makes everything much easier—from sifting through racks of clothing to snapping photos with your phone.

Now, there are three types of “hands-free” styles: a fanny pack (the trendiest of which can be found here), backpacks (perfect for travel), and today’s focus, crossbody bags of the miniature variety, because having a micro bag (a trend some of our favorite celebrities have been loving) forces you to only really pack the essentials. Hence, you’ll have a clutter-free accessory you don’t have to dig through to find your keys, credit cards, or lipstick.

To help you start (or add to) your collection of practical accessories, we searched far and wide to find some of the coolest mini crossbody bags currently available on the market. Whether you’re looking from a simple, sleek, minimalist version, a bold, eye-catching box style, or a sleek, elegant evening pick, we’ve covered all the bases. Get your credit cards ready and shop our favorite mini crossbody bags now.

Next up, check out the cutest small backpack purses to try if you’re loving the micro-bag trend.

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