Flats That Turn Into Heels? We Put This New Shoe Style to the Test

Being both a stickler for comfort and a shoeaholic presents quite a conundrum: It clearly hasn't stopped me from buying a shipping container's worth of footwear, but it does mean that a certain percentage of said purchases are redundant because they're actually too crippling to wear. They are pretty, though.

Now that I'm a "grown-up" who is trying to dodge such foolish decisions on the regular, my interest was piqued when I discovered an ingenious German shoe brand (bear with me) creating stilettos that can turn into mid-height heels and then down to flats. And—most importantly—unlike many bizarre startup shoe brands, these styles are genuinely nice. I promptly called a pair in from Mime et Moi's HQ to put them to the test. Sensible and essentially three pairs of new shoes in one swoop? Sounds ideal. 

While I don't like to swap heels for flats in public (pavement + bare feet + onlookers = ew), I was hoping this handy switcheroo system could be a more ladylike option should push come to shove. And with a series of weddings coming up this summer, this could finally prevent me from having to bring an emergency pair of flats when the dance floor gets the best of me. Keep reading for our review of Mime et Moi's interchangeable shoes.