7 It Girl–Approved Ways to Wear a T-Shirt and Jeans

We're always game for innovative new sartorial stylings, but sometimes it's the simplest ensembles that are the most covetable. Take, for instance, one of the most classic combinations—jeans and a T-shirt. Fashion girls will never tire of the timeless two-piece formula, and there are always new ways to freshen up the look. Case in point: Model Michaëla Thomsen, who has mastered the jeans-and–T-shirt combo, demonstrating a catalog of ways to style the outfit on her Instagram.

While Thomsen's wardrobe also boasts velvet jumpsuits, Reformation dresses, and a treasure trove of nouvelle vague–inspired pieces, her propensity for jeans and a T-shirt results in some of her most standout styles. Paired with loafers or sandals and topped off with furs or suede jackets, the fail-safe outfit looks perfect before a range of backdrops, from Paris to a painting studio to White Sands National Park.

See some of Michaëla Thomsen's coolest T-shirt–and-jeans combos below.


(Image credit: @thomsenmichaela)


(Image credit: @thomsenmichaela)


(Image credit: @thomsenmichaela)


(Image credit: @thomsenmichaela)


(Image credit: @thomsenmichaela)


(Image credit: @thomsenmichaela)


(Image credit: @thomsenmichaela)

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Dacy Knight
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