All the Ridiculously Well-Dressed Men at Fashion Week Right Now

By now, it should come as no surprise that we get a ton of our style inspiration from the looks we spot all over the street at fashion week. And at this point in the fashion month calendar, we've amassed quite a bit of street style inspo, from New York to London, and now Milan. We've duly shared insight on what editors, bloggers, and models are wearing to and from the shows, but there's still one crowd whose next-level street style we have yet to dig into, and that's the men.

While the majority of showgoers tend to be women, the men attending fashion week are no less stylish (or worthy of highlighting). And this fashion month, we've spotted some of the most next-level men's street style looks in Milan. From the It sneakers to the coolest belt bags and accessories they're all wearing, we plan on copying the following looks the next chance we get. Are you with us? Scroll down and get inspired by all the absurdly well-dressed men below.

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