23 Amazon Items Meghan Markle Would Add to Her Royal Wardrobe

We’re not exactly privy to the number of Amazon packages which arrive at Nottingham Cottage for the recently wed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Chances are they’re not like us, ordering vitamins and shaving lotion through Prime just in the nick of time before running out. But rest assured, a Meghan Markle Amazon shopping list does exist. We know because we made it.

If you don’t mind a bit of digging among Amazon’s massive selection, the mega-retailer can be a treasure trove of classic-with-a-twist pieces that speak right to the Duchess of Sussex’s style. Some pieces even look nearly identical to her IRL ensembles, although thankfully don’t come with a royally extravagant price tag. It all goes to show that refined, polished, and timeless style isn’t reserved for those who wear tiaras.

Below peruse 23 Amazon products that have Markle written all over them.