7 Luxury Fall Fashion Items I've Never Regretted Buying

Fall is here, winter is fast approaching, and, if you ask me, these seasons are the best not only for shopping but for investing in items you'll keep and wear forever. Don't ask me why, but there's just something about the nature and quality of cold-weather clothing and accessories that transcend time and trend cycles better than their summery counterparts. Whether it's coats, knits, or accessories, most of my favorite buys over the years have been fall-focused and, while they may have been on the pricier side, I've used them so much since that the bang-for-your-buck factor is unbeatable. 

With that, today I decided to curate a little selection of items I would recommend buying right now if you're in the mood to splurge on something for this season and beyond. Whether it’s outerwear you’re looking for or a party dress you’ll turn to time and time again, I feel pretty confident that I’ve got something (or some things) for you below. To get started, simply keep scrolling. 

1. Black coats

As somewhat of a black coat collector, I can tell you that if you stick with a classic style that's of high quality you will wear it for years—so you can feel good about investing in one you really love.

When Mango puts something in the Premium Selection category, it really means it.

A friend of mine has this and it's just the perfect, belted black coat.

2. Suede bags 

If you tend to dress in basics, a suede bag will always give your outfits that final touch of texture.

This elongated shape is so eye-catching.

The hobo has it's more popular phases, but it will always be a classic.

A fun fact about me is that I will buy anything in this shade of green. I promise it goes with everything.

3. Quality sweaters

I've learned from living in New York for the last seven years that it's much better to invest in a few great knits than to keep having to cycle them out winter after winter.

This brand is one of my go-to's for more affordable, high-quality knits. 

This one stopped me in my tracks. I can tell it will be such a versatile buy.

4. Dark jeans

Jeans don't need to cost a fortune, however, they do need to make you feel like a million bucks, so it's worth the effort to find your perfect pair.

From cut to color, it's everything you want in a pair of fall jeans.

I'd give anything for a pair that looks this good on me with sneakers. Time to test these out.

5. Leather boots

Whether you prefer something super simple or a little jazzed up, good leather boots will hold up against both the weather and trends for the coming years. Plus, they're likely to be your most-used shoes during the fall and winter seasons.

I would die to style these with a miniskirt.

Zara's leather selection is next-level. 

6. LBDs

I love a good party dress and I chose to invest in LBDs because I know I'll return to them over and over again over the years. I just bought this to wear as a minidress and couldn't be more thrilled with my purchase.

This versatile pick will work in any season depending how you choose to style it. 

Reformation may be known for mastering trends, but sometimes it really hits the nail on the head with their timeless pieces. 

Proof that investment buys don't have to be basic or boring.

7. Leather jackets

Even if you think your old leather jacket is past its prime, I promise that if you hold on to it in a matter of seasons it will suddenly become your favorite piece again. That's the beauty of this staple.

I have this jacket in another material and I'm highly considering adding the leather version to my wardrobe, too. 

This brand is really killing the outerwear game this fall.

You'll get decades of wear out of this one.