I Love Luxury Accessories—This Members-Only Club Just Made Them Easier to Borrow


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If you know me, you know I love luxury everything. I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, Grace, who doesn’t? But I’m one of those people who really love luxury. This obviously goes for clothing and accessories, but when I said everything, I meant everything, especially if I’m traveling to a new city. The first thing I do is look up restaurants that offer the most luxurious dining experiences, spa services that are A-List-level good, and of course every luxury hotel in the area. With that being said, when I heard about a collaboration between two of my favorite brands, the luxury hotel chain Four Seasons and the luxury accessory members-only club Vivrelle, I was extremely intrigued. But even better than that, both companies wanted to invite me to the Four Seasons Houston to see what the collaboration was about in person and experience it for myself.

If you’re not familiar with Vivrelle, it’s a luxury membership club that offers access to designer handbags and jewelry at a monthly membership fee. So for a fraction of the price, you get access to a closet of designer bags and accessories. As a luxury lover myself, I have been a member since I was still in college and have borrowed so many pieces that totally elevated my looks. As such a fan of the Four Seasons and Vivrelle, I couldn’t wait to pack my bags and head to Texas.

I was intrigued by the idea of these two forces in luxury coming together, thinking to myself, What could a hotel and a luxury accessory rental company possibly be collaborating on? But once I arrived, it made perfect sense. We’ve all heard of certain luxury hotels offering complimentary courtesy vehicles when you arrive. So guests have the option of taking it for a joyride. Well, now you have the option of doing the same thing, just with a Chanel bag. You check in to the Four Seasons Houston (which has an absolutely beautiful lobby, by the way), and as you approach the front desk, there are Vivrelle bags on display, available for you to use during your stay. So maybe a Prada bag for brunch and a Bottega for dinner? Vivrelle and Four Seasons have made that an option for you. Now this is the kind of luxury experience that I’m looking for. 

The two days I stayed at the Four Seasons Houston were exactly what I was looking for. From the time I landed to the time I left, it was 10s across the board. We dined at the hotel’s many restaurants (and I have to say every meal was delicious), enjoyed a spa service, and had a bourbon tasting with fellow editors and luxury-accessory lovers. Safe to say, it was my dream weekend.

What I really love about Vivrelle is that it really works for all luxury-accessory lovers at any level. Whether you’re just starting your collection and want to have the ability to try new bags without the commitment of buying one or you have been collecting for years and want to try something new. Not to mention tons of our favorite fashion people from influencers to editors and celebrities have been known to love this service. 

I had such a good time in Housto, and once I got back to the city, I started thinking about the luxury bags that I have tried from Vivrelle and loved so much that I wanted to invest in, along with some that I haven’t tried yet but can’t wait to. 

Keep scrolling to see which bags I’ve tried and loved along with which ones are on my list next.

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