I Researched the Cheapest Bags From Every Designer Brand—These 27 Are Worth It

Best cheap designer bags

When it comes to shopping for designer bags online, one of my favorite things to do is sort from low to high on the sites that allow it. Cheap designer bags aren't really a thing, but I always like to know what the least expensive ones are, and I'm sometimes even pleasantly surprised. For example, I purchased a Loewe bag last summer that I assumed would've cost at least a few hundred dollars more. A more expensive bag isn't always better, so a slightly cheaper style can be a smart buy for many reasons.

Below, I've highlighted some of the most coveted designer bag brands (e.g., Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada, and more) and have chosen the most "worth it" of the least expensive bags from each. They're all perfect for summer and even year-round use and will elevate all your outfits exponentially—trust me.


It's rare that a raffia bag can work as an everyday bag, but this is an exception.

This is the bag I was referring to that I got last summer (in cream), and it was honestly worth every penny.

If you want something fun and trendy for summer, this one's for you.

Saint Laurent

This logo clutch is the beginning of a great night-out look.

I love the vintage vibe of this bag and that it's like a necklace.


Thanks to options like this, I'll never grow tired of mini bags.

This is adorable and also a good price for an all-leather Gucci bag.

I love Gucci bags that look like they could pass as vintage.


What I love about this bag is that it's super lightweight and perfect for travel. I have it in olive green, and it comes on pretty much every trip with me.

This perfect little pouch is great for daytime or evening, and yes, it'll fit your phone.

The Row

The relatively simple Moon Bag is my favorite The Row handbag right now. It's timeless.

This also comes in a larger size, but I'm partial to this one.

Kendall Jenner carries this one quite a lot, and she clearly knows what she's doing.

Bottega Veneta

This is actually quite roomy, making it a pretty good deal for a leather Bottega bag.

If you want a designer bag in a trendy color, this one's for you.

This would work for everything from weddings to workdays.


I love that this is so classic but has a touch of that Versace glamour.

This has Olivia Rodrigo written all over it. Aside from that, it's a fun going-out bag that'll earn many compliments.


It may be canary yellow, but it still feels like a neutral bag to me (in a good way).

Khaite is making the best raffia bags in the business right now.

I'm positive that this would get tons of wear.


There's nothing I love more than a good belt bag.

This abstract shape will get you lots of compliments.