The One Travel Piece All Fashion Girls Agree On

There are It items that pop up every season. More often than not, though, those of-the-moment bags or shoes are here for a second and then gone like the wind. But there’s one thing that’s remained a must-have for decades: Louis Vuitton luggage.

While the LV duffels will always hold their own, the suitcase du jour among the fashion crowd currently happens to be the Horizon rolling suitcase. Seriously—cruise through every influencer’s IG airport shots and you’re bound to spot this stunner (either the carry-on or larger version, often monogrammed with initials) front and center.

Now, we totally get that the bag isn’t cheap, but it’s a solid investment if you think of the cost-per-wear aspect. The timeless nature—and the fact that all LV travel bags are durable and designed to last—means you’ll use the piece for the next 20 years and beyond. Plus, unlike other designer bags, Louis Vuitton styles always hold their value.

Read on to see some of the jet-setting elite using the LV suitcase. Plus, shop the silhouette and other travel bags (including vintage iterations) if you’re all saved up and ready to purchase.

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