This Is the New Cult Item From Louis Vuitton


Getty Images

Up until recently, Louis Vuitton was one luxury label that didn’t have a fragrance. But in 2016, the brand released seven different perfumes in a range of floral scents, and today a new fragrance has been added to the collection. Le Jour Se Lève, or “the day arrives,” is meant to evoke just that—a bottled-up version of daybreak and the first rays of the morning sun.

Dreamed up by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, the formula is centered on notes of mandarin and captures the freshness and zest of citrus, but is also punctuated with undertones of jasmine and blackcurrant. It’s light and crisp and the perfect match to a breezy, cloudless day. And here’s the coolest part: The bottles are cult objects that are meant to be passed down and reused over time. The sleek glass vials are primed for your next Instagram, sure. But they are also designed to be refillable and can be with a quick trip to a Louis Vuitton store—which is also where you can pick up your very first bottle. Or you can just head over to the website and have one delivered to your door.