The Same Louis Vuitton Bag Costs 53% Less in This Country


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Want a new Louis Vuitton bag? The dent in your wallet will be considerably different depending on which country you purchase it from, as Business of Fashion reports. In fact, there's a simple trick you can use to see how prices vary around the world.

"On Louis Vuitton's e-commerce site, simply clicking on the 'change location' button quickly reveals how the same item is priced differently in different markets," BoF writes. The site explains that the brand's Speedy 30 bag retails for $854 at current exchange rates in France, but other countries differ greatly.

"The further one travels from Europe, the pricier the bag becomes," BoF writes. "In the United States, the price is $970, a 12 percent markup. … In China, it's $1,138, or 32 percent more expensive. In Brazil, the same Speedy 30 costs a whopping 53 percent more at $1,322."

Yes, you read that correctly: The same Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag costs 53% less in France compared to Brazil. BoF explained that both taxes and exchange rates play a role in the discrepancies. Who knew? The next time you consider making a designer purchase in China or Brazil, you may want to think twice.

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