I Live in L.A. and See These 4 Items Everywhere Right Now


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Los Angeles is known for many things, but chilly winter weather is not one of them. So fall and winter fashion tends to look a bit different here compared with other parts of the world. Instead of floor-length coats and blanket scarves, you'll typically spot leather jackets, single layers, and denim. We Angelenos are forced to pick and choose the winter trends we're able to partake in based on what's suitable for our famously fair weather. 

Since not all winter trends are applicable here, the L.A. fashion crowd tends to zero in on a few key ones to participate in each season. This year, there are four that everyone seems to agree on because I've been spotting them everywhere as of late. Each of these items touches on a major winter trend but can be interpreted for more favorable temperatures. From the cozy jacket fashion people love to the fuzzy shoe style making a major comeback, these are the four Los Angeles winter fashion trends everyone is wearing right now. 



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While long teddy coats and faux fur are too warm for most L.A. days, fuzzy fleece jackets are just right, which is why virtually every fashion person is wearing one right now. The cozy texture feels winter-appropriate without you having to worry about overheating. Style yours with vintage jeans for a true Los Angeles vibe.



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Uggs have ebbed and flowed in popularity since I was in high school, and this year, they're back to their peak level. L.A. fashion people are partial to the mini and platform silhouettes, as they're easier to style with everything from jeans to leggings. Since comfortable fashion is having a moment right now, I expect the Ugg trend to stick around for a while. 



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Nothing says L.A. winter like a leather jacket. It's essentially the heaviest material we can wear here most days. Plus, it makes every outfit instantly cooler. This winter, L.A. girls are opting for oversize silhouettes of all colors, with vintage details reigning supreme. 



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Since full puffer coats are too warm for the fair L.A. weather, enter the puffer vest. It provides the same textural sensation to an outfit without the added insulation of sleeves. Catch L.A. girls wearing theirs with activewear, sweaters, and just about everything else this season. 

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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor