I Live in L.A. and Write About Fashion—Here's What Everyone Will Wear for Fall


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Here on the West Coast, we're blessed with a lot of things (health cafés on every corner, proximity to the beach, an overall leisurely approach to work and life). But one thing we can't lay claim to? Veritable fall weather. The fact that 80-degree days are a reality in October is both a blessing and a curse—on the one hand, the weather is hardly a cause for complaint, but on the other, we rarely get to participate in the kind of typical fall wardrobes that our East Coast friends do.

So actual layering with thick knits and heavy jackets might be out of the question for us L.A. folks, but don't let that fool you into thinking we aren't putting our own spin on fall style. As a fashion editor and Angeleno myself, I'm bearing witness to some truly amazing Los Angeles fall fashion trends that are taking over the city right now. From the jean style I'm spotting on all my friends lately to the It print that's flooding every corner from Melrose Place to Abbot Kinney, I'm sharing eight big trends that are defining the city's autumnal style. To see each of them in action, keep scrolling, and then shop ways to get the look for yourself (proximity to Los Angeles not necessary).

Slim-Fitting Long Jeans

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Longer jeans are on the rise in across the country, but since denim is crucial to the L.A. girl wardrobe, I couldn't help but point out the number one jean style they're embracing at the moment: slim-fitting skinny and straight-leg fits with a notably longer hem that pair well with a heel.

Tiger Print

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Move over, leopard. There's a new It print in town, and it feels even fresher for fall: tiger print. Just like any animal print, it pairs so well with neutrals and denim, so we suggest adding a tiger-print top or sweater to your arsenal this fall. Then, just sit back and wait as the compliments roll in.

Combat Boots

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Combat boots have become part of the L.A. girl uniform, replacing solid ankle boots. The tougher style lends a streetwear feel to any look, and you can bet West Coasters will be wearing the boots with everything from their beloved denim to their prettiest printed dresses.

Custard Knits

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L.A. girls love a clean, neutral palette more than most, and as we head into fall, I'm noticing an invasion of sumptuous knits in shades of cream and off-white, which my fellow Angelenos are already wearing with things like jeans and stacks of gold necklaces.

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As I was saying, I'm noticing an influx of gold necklaces—arguably the jewelry item of the season—and they all have a weighty chain-link design in common.

Vintage Bags

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If you peered into the handbag collection of L.A.'s fashion girls, you'd be convinced that the '90s never left. It feels that way thanks to all the vintage and redux designer bags they're carrying, from Louis Vuitton's baguette bag to Fendi and Gucci's logo prints.

Knit Sets

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Whether traveling or lounging, knit sets have become a comfortable trend that no L.A. girl can resist. And why would they when the knits on offer are as comfy as they are polished?

All-Neutral Everything

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Less of an item and more of an overall styling hack, my fashionable Los Angeles friends all adore a monochromatic look, especially when it's one in a minimalistic color palette like beige, tan, or cream.

Next up: Discover all the glorious under-$100 items that are on their way to earning It status.

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