I Recommend These 10 Lord Jones CBD Products to All My Friends

  • NOVEMBER 8, 2021

I Recommend These 10 Lord Jones CBD Products to All My Friends

by Lindy Segal 

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  1. What Makes Lord Jones CBD Unique?
  2. How Does CBD Work in Lord Jones Skincare Products?
  3. Lord Jones Skincare Product Reviews
  4. Lord Jones Ingestible Product Reviews

Among my friends, I’ve somehow become the de facto CBD expert. But until recently, I didn’t actually know that much about the hemp-derived ingredient aside from the fact that I liked using it. What I did know was that more often than not, I find myself recommending Lord Jones products, and they always seemed to get rave reviews.

I don’t remember the first time I heard about Lord Jones, but I know that once I did, I started seeing it everywhere. I initially got my hands on the body lotion, and I’ve been a fan of the California-based brand ever since. It started as a medical cannabis collective, but Lord Jones became one of the first brands to bring CBD into the mainstream, and celebs such as Busy Philipps, Sarah Paulson, and Olivia Wilde are fans. And when the ingredient exploded in popularity, the brand maintained its strict standards and commitment. "Lord Jones has forever been dedicated to providing best-in-class, high-quality CBD products that our consumers can trust from box to box, bottle to bottle,” says Summer Frein, the general manager overseeing Lord Jones. "Our mission has always been to normalize and destigmatize the plant, knowing its ability to change people’s lives.”  

Now, I don’t want to overpromise, but if you haven’t tried CBD, specifically Lord Jones CBD, it just might be that: life-changing. Read on for everything to know about the brand, how its new skincare products are breaking the mold, and reviews of some of its most popular beauty and wellness essentials.


What Makes Lord Jones CBD Unique?

It makes sense that Lord Jones was at the forefront of the CBD movement when you look at the company’s history. "One thing that truly sets our brand apart is the fact that we began as a nonprofit collective providing members of the Hollywood community with safe access to medical cannabis before shifting our focus to CBD,” says Frein. "This experience working with members of our community inspires our product development process to this day.” And as CBD has skyrocketed in popularity, it’s become increasingly difficult to ensure the product you’re buying is high-quality. "The proliferation of CBD brands, along with the ever-changing FDA rules and regulations, has made the category incredibly difficult for consumers to navigate,” says Frein. "It’s important to look to brands who are dedicated to moving the industry forward through a focus on cannabinoid innovation.” 

That’s where Lord Jones products are different—and why they’re so trusted in both the wellness and beauty industries. "Our best-in-class CBD products are third-party lab tested for heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial contaminants and are backed by specific batch analysis reports with COAs (certificates of analysis) that confirm that the product actually contains the amount of CBD it claims to,” explains Frein.

How Does CBD Work in Lord Jones Skincare Products?

Ultimately, it puts the quality of the formula first, no matter what the product is. "All of our skincare products have been formulated with the finest ingredients since our inception, as we want the formulas to stand on their own whether or not they contain CBD,” explains Frein. Luckily, it’s an ingredient they stand behind and has practical uses in skincare. "CBD is a natural fit within topical and facial skincare products due to its ability to calm and soothe,” she says.

It’s hard to believe that before a few years ago, CBD was nowhere to be found in mass retailers—let alone beauty retailers. "Twenty-eighteen was a major milestone for us when Sephora launched Lord Jones as its first-ever CBD brand,” Frein says. Since then, it’s added several new products to the mix, including its latest launch, the Pore Detox CBD Face Oil. And the testing remains just as rigorous. "Skincare innovation has been a focus for us with our Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer and Pore Detox CBD Face Oil recently undergoing clinical trials,” explains Frein. "For example, our Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer clinically reversed dry skin in just 30 minutes based on a 33-subject clinical trial. One-hundred percent of those with noticeable pores saw improvement after two weeks of using our Pore Detox CBD Face Oil based on a 31-subject clinical trial.”


Lord Jones Skincare Product Reviews

Another thing I love in addition to CBD? Facial oils. And because my skin leans dry but is also acne-prone, I was particularly excited about this product. In addition to CBD, it contains moisturizing squalane and jojoba oil, plus tea-tree oil and blue-tansy oil, which is known to soothe blemishes (and provides that gorgeous color). The Pore Detox CBD Face Oil has a nice, lightweight consistency, and I love the dropper bottle, which makes it easy to control how much product you’re dispensing at a time. 

The oil absorbs super quickly and doesn’t feel at all greasy—this is just a few seconds after applying in the morning.

Credit: Lindy Segal

I don’t have any before-and-after photos of me using the moisturizer, for a good reason: It’s been my go-to for months. The CBD, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid formula is designed to not only hydrate but also repair the moisture barrier itself. Plus, it comes with a tiny gold spoon that makes the whole experience feel extra luxurious. "Our Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer is the perfect foray into CBD facial skincare,” says Frein. "As we head into the fall season, it’s the ultimate savior for resetting stressed skin.”

When the brand first made waves a few years ago, it was for its gumdrops and this body lotion. Here’s why: It has a high concentration of CBD (two milligrams per pump) to soothe skin and sore muscles, along with shea butter and a kick of menthyl ethylamido oxalate for an instant cooling effect. It’s not a typical body lotion in that you probably won’t use it from head to toe, but it’s still moisturizing. I love to massage it into my neck, feet, and back at the end of the day or after a workout or apply a bit of it to my temples when I have a headache.

After celebs such as Mandy Moore started using the lotion on their feet for red carpets, Lord Jones teamed up with shoe designer Tamara Mellon for this genius product specifically for that purpose. It’s got an extra-high dose of CBD (200 milligrams in the tube), shea butter, and AHAs, which help gently exfoliate and soften skin. 

Although I haven’t worn heels in *checks notes* over a year and a half, it still works on those of us with Birkenstock-related foot pain. I’ve found myself applying the Stiletto Cream regularly before dog walks—is that embarrassing to admit?


I’ve recently become a bath person, and bath salts are one of the main reasons for that. In my opinion, these relaxing, CBD-infused salts are about as close as you can get to being at a spa without leaving your house. "Our High CBD Bath Salts have been a beloved at-home indulgence since launch, but we saw a real lift in usage during the pandemic,” says Frein. "The formula features calendula and arnica flowers, eucalyptus, citrus oil, Epsom and Himalayan pink salt in addition to CBD to transform any bathing ritual.” And if you want to bring them along on vacation, or just want to try them out, good news: The brand recently launched travel-size pouches.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is a natural fit for chapped lips. Lord Jones’s balm contains 25 milligrams, along with loads of other emollients like extra-virgin olive oil, shea butter, and grapefruit oil (which gives it a light citrusy scent). It’s exceptionally good—so much so that I currently have three tubes stowed around my apartment.

Lord Jones Ingestible Product Reviews


Frein says it best: "If you’ve never tried ingestible CBD, the gumdrops are a must.” Whether you try one solo or inside a glass of champagne (can’t recommend this enough), these gummies have rightfully earned their reputation. Not only do they taste amazing, but they really do work yet aren’t too strong. Still, if you haven’t tried them before, it’s best to try one first. "Start with the recommended serving size and adjust as needed,” advises Frein.

Like the gumdrops, these chews are made in small batches and contain 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD. You get five per box, and they’re conveniently wrapped individually. For my money, the CBD taste blends in better in gumdrop form, but the chews are a great alternative for chocolate lovers.

If I had my druthers, most of the time, I would reach for a gumdrop. But at $5 per drop, I have to savor them. The capsules are a great—and sugar-free—alternative, and they work, too. I popped one while watching Bachelor in Paradise recently and was so relaxed I almost fell asleep before the rose ceremony. 

"Our CBD Gel Capsules are a total unsung hero,” says Frein. "I keep them in my bag at all times. There are 30 in each jar, and each capsule contains 25 milligrams of CBD versus our gumdrops, which contain 20 milligrams of CBD per piece.”

Tinctures are taken sublingually (aka, under the tongue), so unlike the gumdrops, they are absorbed right into the bloodstream. Lord Jones offers a few different tinctures, but this little bottle has earned a place in my personal CBD hall of fame. Incidentally, it’s the strongest of the bunch, at 20 milligrams of CBD per dropper. It’s also full-spectrum as opposed to broad-spectrum, meaning it also contains small amounts of other cannabinoids, adding to the overall calming effect. Different amounts affect everyone differently, but it pretty much knocks me out, so I like to take it right before bed.

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