These 12 Things Transformed Me Into a Bath Person

For nearly nine years, I lived in a perfectly comfortable but unimpressive New York apartment that had a teeny-weeny bathroom, including a half-size shower tub. Baths were out of the question, a special treat reserved for the occasional hotel stay or a trip to my parents’ house. Cut to a few months ago: I moved into a new place, and although it’s much tinier, the bathroom fits a full-size tub. And I'll be honest, it’s a revelation.

I now take baths weekly and pretend, just for a few minutes, as I live in a fancy hotel. In addition to the tub itself, I’ve learned that a few amenities make the experience even more luxurious. Some are a given, like bath oil, while others became part of my routine as I went. So I thought I would share the things keeping me zen in the hopes it might help spread a little extra relaxation. Whether you incorporate one product or a few, they’ll make your bathing experience exceptionally more chill. Trust me.


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