Indie Labels Are My Jam, so I Tried 6 Pieces From This On-the-Rise Brand

Welcome to The Great Try-On. With spring officially in full swing, it's time to ready your wardrobe, and we're here to provide a little shopping inspiration. We got to try on some of the best spring pieces from some of your favorite brands and documented it all from our at-home dressing rooms so that you can see how they actually look IRL. We hope that our photos and candid reviews will help you shop for spring wardrobe builders that you'll wear over and over this season and beyond.

You know how much I love my trendy retail stores and luxury shopping sites. I could spend hours scrolling them and definitely have on more than one occasion. However, every once in a while, I have that awkward moment of running into someone wearing the same exact look that I am. That's why I love to find statement pieces from indie labels that feel special and unique to my closet.

I've been an admirer of Lisa Says Gah for quite some time now from afar but never got a chance to try it out. When the opportunity to try on a few of the brand's pieces came knocking, I immediately said, "Pick me!" The store is basically the It-girl destination for new arrivals that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. My closet now revolves around these six pieces, so have a look at what I found. 

Lisa Says Gah Henri Jacket and Dylan Jean

My Review: This set is exactly what I want to be wearing for spring, summer, and fall. Basically, I just never want to take it off. It has a lot of the trendy elements that I'm looking for right now—low-rise, utility, and a relaxed fit. If you're one of those people who think Y2K is not for them, think again. This set will convince you otherwise.

Shop the look:

Swap your denim jacket out for this bad boy.

Tired of blue jeans? The color of the year is the best new way to wear yours. 

And of course, you just have to top it off with a pair of sunglasses.

Lisa Says Gah Charlie Henley and Lucy Overall

My Review: My obsession with that fabric is so strong that I immediately went for the overall version next, and I was in love. I don't think I've ever worn overalls before. Now, I know that I have been totally missing out. They give off such a relaxed vibe. The sweatshirt I paired them with was so soft I think I'd live in it.

The most effortless staple that is most likely missing from your closet.

Lisa Says Gah Rosie Zip Up

My Review: Who doesn't love a good hoodie? This one had my heart soaring, especially with its fun details. It's the perfect level of cropped, and the slouchiness is unmatched. My favorite part is the flower zipper. What a great way to add a feminine touch to a sweatshirt.

Shop the look:

Pair these with anything and you're going to win best dressed.

Lisa Says Gah Grace Dress

My Review: I love a good midi dress, and this one is next-level. I've shied away from the checkerboard-print trend since I've always thought it was a bit too Gen Z for me, but this dress ended up being the perfect way to wear it. The micro-check print is exquisite, and I love the contrasting colors. The bust is, of course, so flattering.

Topping mine off with a cropped moto jacket was the best decision.

A good pair of knee-high boots is key right now.

Shop more up-and-coming brands:

BRB, planning an entire vacation around this dress.

This would look amazing on anyone.

I can't shut up about straight-leg jeans.