This Is the #1 Bra Style Every Woman Should Own

Updating your lingerie drawer each year can become one of those forgotten tasks—ignored in favour of buying pieces like shoes and bags (the stuff people see more of)—but the right set of smalls can give you the same thrill as opening a new shoe box. There’s a lot to be said for how matching lingerie can make you feel—elevated, put together, and ready to take on the world. French women see lingerie as an extension of their wardrobe, and we’re putting this same thinking into practice.

As Valentine’s Day appraoches, it’s a nice excuse to buy yourself something special. With so many different styles out there, it’s hard to narrow down exactly what to buy, so we sat down with Frederika Cook, design director at Pleasure State, to ask her what the biggest lingerie trends will be this year, and the #1 bra style every woman should own. Keep scrolling to find out, and shop our ultimate lingerie edit.

Who What Wear Australia: What lingerie trends will be big in 2017?

Frederika Cook: We strive to push the trend boundaries at Pleasure State. In the first half of 2017, we are continuing to work with the body’s silhouette as a foundation for architectural cut-outs and placement. We splice through this incredible lace, that almost looks like it could be on fire, with a crystal microfilament trim that lends the range a more modern aesthetic that was inspired by the Alexander Wang runway. Cut-outs feature heavily as well as two of our other trends that we are banking on this season: 1980s bodies and acid wash denim. I’m also all about illusions this season—we have an invisible mesh that almost disappears on the skin allowing us to use these decadent guipures and give the effect that they are almost floating on the body: it’s exquisite! Bondage also continues to be a mainstay in the lingerie trends.

WWW: What’s the #1 bra style every woman should own?

FC: Hands down, if you only own one bra, it should be a great fitting ’T-shirt bra’: A bra that is smooth under your clothes and gives you a seamless profile from bra to breast tissue. At Pleasure State, we offer a core collection of a variety of T-shirt bras to cater towards women of every different breast type and sizing from A to G cup. Women looking for a more natural silhouette should try our My Fit Smooth Balconette ($65). Our strapless option is perfect as it allows you to wear your favourite evening pieces whilst giving you unrivalled support. For those who are looking for a little extra help, we have our FMO Plunge Pad ($60) with customised boost through to our OMB Plunge Pad ($70) with 200% boost. This season we are launching Comfort Boost, a wire-free push-up option that truly lives up to its name, you can wear it all day long with unparalleled comfort. My personal favourite however, is The Knockout ($70), the décolletage has an exquisite scallop curve and provides 150% boost. All of our My Fit ranges comes in Black, Frappe (nude) and Ivory and has a Secret Service lining to help hold your assets in place throughout the day.

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